HIV Positive and Pregnant

According to journalist Heather Boerner, author of Positively Negative: Love, Pregnancy, and Science’s Surprising Victory Over HIV, the options for creating a healthy family keep growing and now include both pregnancy and adoption.

Adoption and Class Differences

Discussing class differences in adoption: Embracing all aspects of our extended families and our children's famiies.

Babies in Prison, What Comes Next?

"Adoption is life long journey of healing." —Deborah Jiang Stein

The Polarizing Message Behind "The Business of Baby"

What is best for baby is clearly very different for different people, and no one's keeping quiet about it.

Is the Carpool Swimming With Narcissists?

Parents are bombarded with books about how to parent, but what dealing with other kids’ parents? We're talking the lot of them: the mavens, the bossy ones, the rude ones, the passive-aggressive ones, the competitive ones, the organized (and disorganzied) ones. And what about the parent-sized teacher's pets?

Love and Parenting, and Cancer

When I was growing up my father was diagnosed with cancer, a metastatic, malignant, melanoma that grew as a mass of black on his lower back (imagine a giant portobello mushroom sprouting where it shouldn't be).