Unacknowledged Adoptive Relationships in the Film Ladybird

Is it progressive for the film Ladybird to focus on a family involving adoption and never to mention or discuss it?

The Film Lion Provides Insights into Adoptive Relationships

Comparing the film Lion with the memoir on which it is based, provides insights into how the relationships between adoptive and birth families can extend our ideas of family.

Mother's Day Blues: Adoptive and Birth Mothers

Most of us have only one mother, but adult adoptees often have two. When adoptions are open, or after a reunion, either the adoptive or the birth mother may feel excluded on Mother’s Day.

Adoption in the Life of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs' adoption provided an environment that helped him become the co-founder and major influence of Apple Computers, but his genetic inheritance was also crucial.

An International Adoptee's Need to Connect to Her Roots

An adult adoptee from India seeks funding for a documentary film about a search for her cultural roots.

The Fosters: A Terrific TV Series About an Adoptive Family

Main stream TV has created a show that documents both the difficulties and rewards of an open adoption system and the complicated adult relationships it spawns.

Addiction in the Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace

A memoir explores the biological and environmental components of addiction and the difficulties in crossing race and class boundaries.

Adoptive Parents and Adoption Reunions

Rather than being threatened by an adult adopted son’s or daughter’s desire for reunion, adoptive parents should welcome it as a way to strengthen their family bond and to open up the possibility of a more extended family linking adoptive and biological relatives.

Adoption Can Create a Different Kind of Family

If the adoption had been opened sooner, while he was growing up, both he and I could have had a biological and an adopted family, different for each of us, but bringing a symmetry into our family life. My biological family was his adoptive one; his biological family could have been my adoptive one.