Growing Up Too Fast? Early Adversity Affects Fear Responses

The development of brain systems for detecting threats is affected in complex ways by early experiences of deprivation and neglect.

Timing Matters in the Effects of Neglect on Development

How much can stable, nurturing homes help children overcome the effects of severe early neglect?

Kids Can Thrive with Gay Parents

New evidence reaffirms that children have equal chance to thrive in families with gay and straight parents.

Overcoming the Consequences of Neglect

Early-life neglect has a host of negative consequences for child development. What interventions can help?
DNA Double Helix/Andrea Laurel/CC BY 2.0

DNA Tests for Ethnic Ancestry in Adoption: A Skeptic’s View

How reliably can your DNA tell a story about where your ancestors came from?

Is Transracial Adoption Harmful to Kids?

Research has found little evidence of harm from being raised in an adoptive family of a different race.
Rebecca Compton

The Consequences of Neglect

There is a startling disconnect between the scientific evidence and child welfare practices in many places in the world.
Rebecca Compton

Are Adopted Children at Risk for Abuse?

While lurid media reports stoke anti-adoption sentiments, evidence indicates that adoption protects rather than endangers children.