The Totalitarian State of New Jersey

Rather than indicating that bullies don't win, the story of Chris Christie shows how they usually do.

You Remember James Frey?

James Frey is a prominent example of a person who rejects the 12 steps and prospers in his recovery.

Christie en Famille—There Goes the Family!

Chris Christie's political family bit the dust. Sayonara! And what will be the consequences?

Chris Christie: Profile of a Bully

The joke isn't, "Chris Christie says he is shocked, shocked that retribution is being taken against his political opponents." The joke is, "Political pundits and New Jersey voters are shocked, shocked that their governor is steamrolling political opponents."

Lovingkindness for Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson struggles, not so much with recovery, as with what kind of human being he is.

Nicholas Kristof Will Soon Be the Happiest Man in the World

Nicholas Kristof feels our most unheralded problem worldwide is that we are not marketing mental illness and psychiatric drugs aggressively enough. Pharmaceutical companies will have to accelerate their efforts in this area to remedy this unfortunate oversight! However, Ethan Watters says, in "Crazy Like Us," we are well on our way to universalizing our mental illnesses.

The Need to Identify Sensible Marijuana Use

We're not going anywhere as a society if we don't identify sensible drug use.

Me, Bill de Blasio, and His Daughter's Drug Problem

Chiara de Blasio has quit drinking and smoking pot at age 19. Does she really have a disease?

Motivationally Interviewing a Mormon About Same-Sex Marriage

The Mormon Church has become the single greatest force opposing gay marriage in the United States. How does a humane, liberal-minded member of the Church confront its increasingly out-of-step and bigoted point of view?

Are Football and Hockey More Dangerous than Drugs?

We worry about kids and adults taking drugs—but are the demonstrated dangers greater from football and hockey than they are from drugs?

The Fake Signer Rules!

You can get away with any kind of bullshit if you're daring enough.

Barbara Stanwyck—Woman of Steel, or Abused Punching Bag?

Hollywood star Barbara Stanwyck was tough, tough, tough, but let her drunken husband maim her and abuse their child.

Our Educational Innovations Are Great! So What If They Fail?

We strive for educational excellence by spending more and more money on students, programs, and reforms—none of which matter. We need to fix our unequal and irrational society.

Query to a Psychotic DSM-5: Is Gaming Addictive?

DSM-5 decided that addiction doesn't exist, except for behavioral addiction, except there's only one such addiction, except maybe there are more, except....

Three Things the NEJM Says Make You Live Longer

When you are old, alcohol is the best food or drink available to forestall death (okay -- eat nuts and drink coffee too), according to the New England Journal of Medicine.

I Testified on Addiction at a Murder Trial in Mississippi

A man killed his cocaine dealer and the dealer's girlfriend to steal his cache of drugs, then cut off their heads and hands, because of his addiction—wouldn't you?

Is It Good to Confess You're Addicted and Seek Treatment?

Admitting you're addicted or alcoholic and seeking treatment when caught using drugs is the way to go if you're a politician and want to stay in office. Politicians who don't perform this act of contrition demonstrate a double problem—denial AND addiction—and should be thrown out of office and in jail.

Queen Nora, America's Empress of Love, Family, and Drugs

Mental illness and addiction are not disappearing. Rather, they might be seen to be taking over society. And one woman stands atop this pyramid.

How to Quit Alcoholism, According to a Governor of Texas

Guess who quit two governorships, and while he was at it, alcoholism. And, no, he didn't go to AA.

Culture Clash in the NFL

A case of bullying of a professional football player highlights the complex psychological, contextual, and cultural issues involved.

Hitchcock, Genius, and Ordinary Human Feelings

Hitchcock's larger-than-life genius—and films—tackled human problems in extraordinary guises.

How Should We React If the Mayor of Toronto Smoked Crack?

There are a lot of objectionable things about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford —none of which prevents him from being mayor, none of which in itself should stop people for voting for him.

The Republican Party's Sex Gap

Can Ken Cuccinelli make up his kinky sex gap in Virginia?

Does "12 Years a Slave" Bespeak Current Attitudes?

Prejudice and discrimination are still rampant in the United States, so that the battle over our national feelings about slavery—as depicted in the film "12 Years a Slave"—may be far from over.

Ten Radical Addiction Positions I Was Right About

Here are ten radical things about substance use and addiction that people didn't believe (and maybe you still don't) but that time has proved to be true.

Unbelievable Things About Quitting Addictions

People quit addictions of all sorts (smoking, drugs, alcohol) on their own—in fact, people quit drug addictions more readily than they do alcohol and smoking—and long-term addicts are as likely to do so as are more recently addicted people. I know, it's unbelievable given what we know about addiction. I guess we better rethink what we know about addiction.

The Arrogance of the Disease Theory of Addiction

You can't quit an addiction on your own, and we'll jail you if you claim that you can!

The President Needs to Learn Motivational Interviewing

The President needs schooling in motivational interviewing (MI) to replace the hectoring tone he takes in "schooling" his political opponents.

Captain Phillips Says He Doesn't Have PTSD

Do you believe Captain Phillips when he says he doesn't have PTSD?