Bisexuality and Recovery: How We Label Normalcy

If most people have sexual urges towards both genders, and most addicts quit their addictions, who are their support groups?

We're at a Watershed on Addiction

While trauma is recognized as a cause of addiction, prophylactic parenting is not seen as the strong antidote to addiction that it is. This issue is highlighted by David Sheff's militant medicalization of addiction, versus my "Addiction-Proof Your Child" and the Center For Motivation and Change's new version of CRAFT addressed to parents and families enmeshed in addiction.

Self-Labeling Addiction as Disease: The Process in the Media

The governor of Vermont sounded the alarm on a heroin scare that must be treated as though it's a disease. But the star of a documentary made about the scare, the drug, and addicts tells us a very different story .

AA, NA, Waiting for Godot, and The Iceman Cometh

AA, NA, and the chronic brain disease model would have addicts sitting around waiting for the other shoe to fall—only an instant separating them from life and death. This is unhelpful, untrue to the data on recovery, and the basis for the deaths of so many. I take the opposite view and approach in my book with Ilse Thompson, "Recover! Stop Thinking Like an Addict."

The Meaning of Sobriety

The recovery movement's focus on, literally, nothing (abstinence) robs the addict—and all of us—of the meaning in life and of the best route to recovery.

Here's How American Psychiatry Solved a Bullying Problem

When Jonathan Martin reported that he was being bullied to the Miami Dolphins, they sent him to a team psychiatrist, who gave him antidepressants. What more could they do? And so the Dolphins were surprised when Martin became suicidal and left the team.

Addicted to Wealth — A National Trait?

Sam Polk isn't the only one addicted to wealth. After all, he quit while the others remained; and most of the rest of us wish we had been him!

How My Approach Differs from Everything That Hoffman Learned

Philip Seymour was engaged in every major form of addiction treatment in America when he died. Not at all concerned with their failures, representatives of these treatments have all doubled down, telling people addiction is far more horrible, and addicts worse victims, then they ever imagined. I have a different approach: empowering addicts and affirming their values.

The Disease Theory Succeeds by Failing Part 2: Drug Cures

Telling people that a pill will cure their addiction is (a) wrong, (b) misunderstands the nature of addiction and recovery, (c) hurts people's chances of recovering. Philip Seymour Hoffman died with one such drug, buprenorphine, in his possession.

Another One: Why So Many Celebrities Die Following Rehab

Drug use is not uncommon, addiction less common. Following addiction, recovery is also quite common, with or without treatment. And so is relapse. What is uncommon, or more accurately dysfunctional, is our temperance intolerance for substances, their use, and their misuse. Our attitudes towards drugs are more lethal than the substances to which people become addicted.

The Psychology of Archie Manning and Sons

Super Bowl quarterback Peyton Manning is a remarkable talent — one notable for his intense, perfectionist personality — unlike his brother Eli.

The Double-Edged Message of Cory Remsburg

Cory Remsburg volunteered to fight in a war that we have silently abandoned because it's failed. Does that make him a victim as well as a hero?

The Disease Theory Succeeds by Failing: Killing Softly

Disease treatments for addiction don't work, we know they don't work, but we continue to love them, in good part because of AA's marketing coup in only recording its successes.

The Totalitarian State of New Jersey

Rather than indicating that bullies don't win, the story of Chris Christie shows how they usually do.

You Remember James Frey?

James Frey is a prominent example of a person who rejects the 12 steps and prospers in his recovery.

Christie en Famille—There Goes the Family!

Chris Christie's political family bit the dust. Sayonara! And what will be the consequences?

Chris Christie: Profile of a Bully

The joke isn't, "Chris Christie says he is shocked, shocked that retribution is being taken against his political opponents." The joke is, "Political pundits and New Jersey voters are shocked, shocked that their governor is steamrolling political opponents."

Lovingkindness for Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson struggles, not so much with recovery, as with what kind of human being he is.

Nicholas Kristof Will Soon Be the Happiest Man in the World

Nicholas Kristof feels our most unheralded problem worldwide is that we are not marketing mental illness and psychiatric drugs aggressively enough. Pharmaceutical companies will have to accelerate their efforts in this area to remedy this unfortunate oversight! However, Ethan Watters says, in "Crazy Like Us," we are well on our way to universalizing our mental illnesses.

The Need to Identify Sensible Marijuana Use

We're not going anywhere as a society if we don't identify sensible drug use.

Me, Bill de Blasio, and His Daughter's Drug Problem

Chiara de Blasio has quit drinking and smoking pot at age 19. Does she really have a disease?

Motivationally Interviewing a Mormon About Same-Sex Marriage

The Mormon Church has become the single greatest force opposing gay marriage in the United States. How does a humane, liberal-minded member of the Church confront its increasingly out-of-step and bigoted point of view?

Are Football and Hockey More Dangerous than Drugs?

We worry about kids and adults taking drugs—but are the demonstrated dangers greater from football and hockey than they are from drugs?

The Fake Signer Rules!

You can get away with any kind of bullshit if you're daring enough.

Barbara Stanwyck—Woman of Steel, or Abused Punching Bag?

Hollywood star Barbara Stanwyck was tough, tough, tough, but let her drunken husband maim her and abuse their child.

Our Educational Innovations Are Great! So What If They Fail?

We strive for educational excellence by spending more and more money on students, programs, and reforms—none of which matter. We need to fix our unequal and irrational society.

Query to a Psychotic DSM-5: Is Gaming Addictive?

DSM-5 decided that addiction doesn't exist, except for behavioral addiction, except there's only one such addiction, except maybe there are more, except....

Three Things the NEJM Says Make You Live Longer

When you are old, alcohol is the best food or drink available to forestall death (okay -- eat nuts and drink coffee too), according to the New England Journal of Medicine.

I Testified on Addiction at a Murder Trial in Mississippi

A man killed his cocaine dealer and the dealer's girlfriend to steal his cache of drugs, then cut off their heads and hands, because of his addiction—wouldn't you?