Time announces:

(1) Americans are more depressed than ever, and getting more so: From 2011-2014, 13 percent of Americans 12 and older took an antidepressant up from 11 percent in 2005-2008 and 8 percent in 1999-2002.

(2) Many Americans don't respond to antidepressants, and there has been no new depression drug in 25+ years. The biggest treatment development is the "rediscovery" of ketamine, a club drug/hallucinogen.

Why are we depressed?

Americans have less human interaction and sense of community, the greatest proven source of happiness and reassurance. This reality won't be reversed in our lifetimes, but only grow worse with our children, who will be ever more addicted to electronic substitutes for human interaction

Young adults' diagnoses of mental disorders continue to grow. SAMHSA sounded an all-points alarm around older adolescents' and young adults' deteriorating mental health in 2014, calling for more of them to receive treatment. In 2016, mental illness among young adults continued its upward trend to new record levels.


Antidepressants claim, inaccurately, to address the sources of depression. Ketamine allows people to rearrange their cognitions, to put things in some greater semblance of rational importance. Any chemical solution for any mental health issue will likely be imperfect, miss most people, and not address the sources of depression in people's lives/society.

But psychedelics seemingly offer the best individual solution, so long as people are reinforced in their efforts to translate their new perceptions of themselves and the world into a continued plan for living.

How about you?

Are you depressed, and why (no biological hypotheses accepted)?

Is ketamine or another psychedelic a solution?

Please let me know.

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