The Republican Party's Sex Gap

Republicans fall farther behind in the era of "Fifty Shades of Grey"

Posted Nov 04, 2013

Ken: It could he fun!

The Republican party is falling farther and farther behind nationally among key demographics such as Asians, Latinos, young people, gays and lesbians—and women.

Women—that's a pretty big demographic to fall behind with!  Nowhere is this onus more clearly demonstrated than it is in Virginia.  A recent poll of the Virginia gubernatorial race found that Ken Cuccinelli trails Terry McCauliffe by double-digits statewide. This gap is entirely due to his unpopularity with women: "among women, Cuccinelli trails by 24 points—58 percent to 34 percent." And this seems largely due to repulsion felt towards Republican Cuccinelli: "Among those supporting the Democrat, 64 percent say they are voting against Cuccinelli rather than for McAuliffe."

What do women hold against Cuccinelli—who IS, after all, a good-looking man? Much has been made of his opposition to abortion, and even to birth control. But he has also spurred "anti-sodomy" bills that criminalize oral and anal sex.  While some speculate this is part of Cuccinelli's anti-gay crusade, his general conservatism on sexual issues would lead us to believe that he opposes kinky sex among heterosexuals as well.

Of course, calling oral and anal sex "kinky" is impossibly retro in the era of the runaway best-seller "Fifty Shades of Grey," whose focus is sado-masochistic sex between consenting adults.  The sales of "Grey" have surged beyond those of the Harry Potter series.  And these sales are not limited in the United States to New York and San Francisco. No, red state women seem to find the tales told in "Grey" to be as sexually stimulating as do their left-leaning blue-state sisters. 

Cuccinelli has taken the unusual step in the last stage of his campaign of organizing "meet-n-greets" with women.  (Forgive me a small joke here: "Hi, I'm Ken Cuccinelli II—are you a woman?  I'm not against your gender.  I'm married to a woman!")

I'm going to make a modest suggestion here to Ken to help his standing with women—pierce your lips and eyebrows, wear a cut-off tee-shirt and drape yourself in chains, get some tattoos, and open your speeches with a demonstration of your prowess with a whip!

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