A traditional debating point about the goodness of God is why he creates so much misery and pain in the world.

That's not what this post is about—this is, after all, "Psychology Today."

I, instead, am interested in how people view God.

Over the weekend,

(CBS News) The devastating tornadoes in the Midwest and South have killed at least 39 people, including four members of the Babcock family of New Pekin, Indiana, who died Friday.

A fifth and final member of the family, 15-month-old Angel Babcock, died Sunday of her injuries. She had been ripped from her home and found in a field alive on Saturday, only to later succumb to her injuries. Tornadoes hit seven states over two days.

The death of Angel was the cruelest cut.  It prodded, however, more praise for God from surviving family members:

Fifteen-month-old Angel Babcock of New Pekin, Ind., was found after her family's mobile home was destroyed in Friday's storms. Her father, mother and two siblings were killed.

When Angel arrived at Kosair Children's Hospital in Louisville Friday night, she was opening her eyes—a hopeful sign, chief nursing officer Cis Gruebbel said.

Things turned on Saturday, when the swelling in her brain didn't decrease, he said. As the day went on, her eyes ceased to move and she continued to deteriorate. There was no sign of brain activity.

Medical staff told the family there wasn't anything more they could do. With extended family gathered to say goodbye, the family made the decision to end life support on Sunday.

"Angel has been reunited with her parents," her grandfather, Jack Brough, said in a statement. "We want to thank God for all of you and for your thoughts and prayers. God will bring you and all of us out of this. This is what it will take. All should look to God."


Let's summarize: God wreaked havoc throughout the Midwestern states, killing scores of people with weather events, but he particularly targeted a poor (they lived in a trailer), religious (they named their daughter "Angel") family, killing all its members.  But Angel's grandfather sees this as a cause to give greater glory—and allegiance—to God.

That is great brand loyalty!

How does God manage it?

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