Ranking the Last 14 Presidential Marriages

The American presidential marriage, from FDR and Eleanor to Barack and Michelle and beyond demonstrate a remarkable range of marital partnerships and intimacy.

Trump Won't Reduce the Ravages of Drug Addiction

Liberals and conservatives both marvel at how, given such great addiction treatment, our addiction crisis deepens. They agree we should redouble our disease campaign.

Donald Trump and Addictive Behaviors, Part II

Donald Trump's behavior in the aftermath of defeat is even more worrying than his bullying and gloating in victory.

The Peril of Ignoring Personality in Politics and Society

People differ in their basic outlooks, personalities, and performance. While much social and psychological research supports this point of view, we ignore it -- disastrously.

Donald Trump and Addictive Behaviors

When the addiction cycle characterizes dysfunctional human behavior.

My Meetings in Vancouver—this one with Tony Robbins

We are forever caught in this dilemma in our psychological theory and practice -- trauma as a lifelong cross we bear, resilience and optimism as our guiding lights.

The New Prohibition: The Hip Culture Wants You to Abstain

People encouraging others to quit drinking in the active neoTemperance movement have a heavy lift. Oh, and nondrinkers don't live as long and have less fun. So why do they do it?

Movies That Tell Us Life Is Livable, Even If It's Imperfect

Two new movies tell us that life is worth living, and love worth pursuing, even as it carries bitter disappointments.

The Solution to the Opioid Crisis

We struggle in the night to remedy opioid addiction, and in our thrashing about simply double down on the same old assumptions and failed solutions. Here is the answer instead.

The Health Care Crisis and the Addiction Crisis Are the Same

Our nineteenth-century ideas (based on a free-market economy and temperance) are ruining, both our health-care proposals and our approach to addiction policy and treatment.

Is Gabor Maté Sacrosanct?

Gabor Maté's trauma-based approach to addiction, and his workshops, have their own traumatizing effects.

Selling Mental Illness and Its Cure

Kay Jamison's presentation of her biography of poet Robert Lowell, "Setting the River on Fire," shortchanged his lived experience and creativity in favor of his mental illness.

I Called the Trump Presidential MO Years Ago

Donald Trump practiced his exact method for making the United States a totalitarian state more than five years ago, as I detailed for Psychology Today.

Normalizing Drug Use

We have entered an era in which drug use is widespread and at the same it is viewed as unmanageable and uncontrollable. We need instead to accept and to regulate it.

What Leading Critics Get Wrong About the Film, Toni Erdmann

The new film, Toni Erdmann, named after a mocking character, is seen as the new intellectual solution for our lives mired in corporate inanity. But it's actually inhumane mockery.

Donald Trump Illustrates These Fundamental Human Principles

Donald Trump illustrates fundamental human truths in a very obvious way. But these traits are fundamental to us all, even if less transparently so.

People, You're Praying Wrong

We are failing miserably in the prayers we are offering up to prevent Americans from killing one another. Why is our skill level so miserable in this area and how can we raise it?

Two Psychological Approaches to Photography

The two greatest American photographers, Diane Arbus and Robert Frank, while taking very different approaches to photography, both peered into America's soul, at a personal cost.

The Anti-Psychologists

Psychology has been engaged in a decades-long battle for its soul—is it really a field independent of brain psychology? I sometimes view myself one of psychology's last advocates.

Prince's Death and the Opioid Addiction/Overdose Myth

The emergent narrative of Prince's drug use and death makes no sense, but simply serves to reinforce popular but misguided ideas about addiction and deaths due to drugs.

Donald Trump's Personality vs. the U.S. Constitution

Donald Trump's bullying/narcissistic personality puts him on an opposition course with the U.S. Constitution.

What I Learned About Alcohol and Alcoholism at the Hospital

You get some sense, and some nonsense, at the hospital about alcohol.

Creating Reality: Castro, Trump, and Simi Valley

We expect, when we view something, to know whether or not it is true. It turns out that our views are malleable, which can be used against us politically and otherwise.

The Trauma Searchers, Gabor Maté and Ted Cruz

As social trauma festers and grows, people magnify hurts to their detriment.

What About Shaming People Into Recovery?

Mindfulness and Loving Kindness are Buddhist practices with compelling psychological bases. They argue for the legalization of drugs, harm reduction, and self-empowering treatment.

Jessica Jones' Alcoholism

"Jessica Jones" doesn't do alcoholism the old-fashioned way. Despite her trauma she isn't degraded, stands up for herself, and makes her own decisions, whether drinking or not.

People Are Dying en Masse from Our Approach to Addiction

Should the National Institute on Drug Use be less boastful of our effectiveness in attacking addiction through the chronic brain disease model of addiction?

Is Addiction a Lifelong Disease While PTSD Isn't?

Can addiction be a lifelong disease while PTSD is not? NY Times columnist David Brooks says that both are true, although he may be confused by contradictory instincts and beliefs.

What Community-Based Addiction Treatment Looks Like

While addiction treatment has become more intensive/expensive and centered around residential stays, the most effective way to deliver addiction services is to make access easier.

Do Professional Sports Reflect Modern American Whining?

Are sports stars and their management reflecting a culture-wide loss of authority?