Why Robert Durst Confessed

Robert Durst seemingly went out of the way to confess to his crimes (if that is what he did). Why would he take such a risk as he ages and is in poor health?

The Psychology of Brian Williams

Brian Williams' transgressions result from a key source of male insecurity—not playing on the high school football team. Some men may never overcome this "shortcoming" no matter how famous and admired they become.

NFL Message: Just Go Punch Someone

The NFL wants players to eschew unjustified, irrational, emotionally-driven violence—except if they feel like hitting people.

American Addiction Treatment Is Shame-Based

We shame people into quitting their addictions. Does this make sense?

Addicted to Punta (Pardon the Slang)

Sex beats drugs nine ways from Sunday.

On the Nature and Treatment of Addiction

We are turning the corner in defining and treating addiction—or are we?

How to Make a Support Group Safe

The murder of Karla Brada while attending AA by her AA partner raises what makes a support group safe. A number of policies have been advanced by both professionals and lay people who have been in "the rooms." Unfortunately, not one of these suggestions would have affected the Brada case. That is because none addresses the underlying issues presented by 12-step groups.

What Karla Mendez Brada’s Murder Tells Us About AA

CBS's 48 Hours, in a segment it did Saturday about the murder of Karla Mendez Brada by a man she met at AA and continued to attend AA with, claimed AA is a great success that has one unfortunate problem. But, instead, the case of Karla's death points out all of the inadequacies of—the real harm attributable to—our leading approach to alcoholism and addiction.

The Disease Searchers: Come Join Us!

If Jerry Seinfeld can find his disease, you can find yours. I found mine—several in fact. You've just got to look hard enough (well, in my case, not that hard).

Has President Obama Been Good for National Race Relations?

What began as a remarkable tribute to a new era in American race relations, the election of President Barack Obama, has gone deeply South.

Let's Have Education Reform—Again

America merrily trundles along with social failure after social failure, notably in education and addiction. Why not—otherwise, we'd have to build communities, and that's communism.

What Does Peterson's Beating His Son with a Switch Tell Us?

Explanations for why football players beat their lovers, wives, and domestic partners regularly paraded on television don't hold water in the face of the facts. In particular, what does NFL footballer Adrian Peterson's beating his 4-year-old son tell us about spousal abuse by pro athletes?

Everything You Hear About Football Players is Wrong

It won't bother anybody, but everything you hear about violent football players is wrong.

Why Does Janay Rice Hate Her Husband's Haters?

Experts seek to protect Janay Rice by disregarding her wishes and her feelings about her husband and her situation. How do they get to make that decision?

How Not To, and How To, Rebuild Ferguson

We're pursuing a never-ending, repetitive cycle in Ferguson and similar communities, and congratulating ourselves for doing so.

Robin Williams Was Treated/In Recovery and Killed Himself

Robin Williams' suicide, we are told, is the best possible evidence that seeking treatment for depression and entering recovery for drinking--both of which Williams did--are unquestionably necessary and beneficial. I don't get it.

The Mental Illness Revolution Will Not Be Televised

As I predicted in Psychology Today twenty years ago, the search for biologic sources and medical cures for mental illness has come a cropper.

Crush the Opposition: America Soon to Be a Soccer Power!

American claims, hopes, plans to dominate the soccer world are never thwarted. Unfortunately, the American team and fans always are.

Adolescence Disorder

Is adolescence a disease state due to brain development, and is mental illness–usually undiagnosed–rampant among teens?

What Happens When Mothers Don't Feel Motherly?

Mothers are supposed to feel a certain way. They don't always. Part of that spectrum is called Post-Partum Depression. Is there another end to that spectrum that isn't pathological?

America Rescues the World!

America's and Americans' rush to solve overseas sex trafficking has, predictably, made things worse. Way to be!

AA’s Male Culture

Alcoholics Anonymous is steeped in male dominance.

A Woman Fights AA, Alcoholics Anonymous as Narcissist

According to Juliet Abram and other victims, Alcoholics Anonymous is a narcissistic, bullying, sexist organization--and has been since the days of Bill W. And she has the scars to prove it.

Why Are We Testing Athletes for Illicit Drugs?

League-leading receiver Josh Gordon has tested positive for marijuana--so what?

There Is No Reality

People—including professionals, politicians and world leaders—can say anything they want without fear of being contradicted by reality.

What's Donald Sterling's Hang-Up?

Donald Sterling's hang-ups are as old as the hills -- and they include sex, virility, and power as much as racism.

Normalizing Drug Use

People who use drugs—even the most "addictive," dangerous drugs—are not particularly prone to become addicted.

When AA Hurts

This is Juliet Abram's story of being abused, first by her mother, then by her rapist-“boyfriend,” and then by AA. Each form of abuse predisposed her to be a victim of the other, and she had to escape all of them.

Gabor Maté, Drug Policy, and the Future of Addiction

Watch the battle of the trauma/childhood, disability/disease theory of addiction, emerging drug policy innovations, and a vision of the individual's ability to free themselves from addiction.

Dating Humanoids: What Fantasy Films Tell Us About Us

Dating humanoids — being a humanoid — can seem like fun, and men will fall for it. But watch out for blowback! Or is that just our humanness coming out?