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What Sexual Harrassment Does to All of Us

That’s a weird sentence, so I’m going to repeat it for emphasis. I am privileged: I have never been threatened, assaulted, or raped. 
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Love, Sex, and Romance with Different Abilities

Hal says, "When you’ve got intimacy, and you add touching, you’ve got really good sex.” 
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No Place For Any Feelings

"I can see you're a good girl, and that you'll work hard," she says, and her affirmation makes me sure that I am and I will, without question.
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Suicide Grievers Talk About Family and Friends

“Does anyone else feel worried about the safety of a family member?”
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The Absent Presence for Suicide Grievers

“I feel closer to them all,” Carla says.  “And I feel so sad to know they are gone from us.”
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What Suicide Grievers Don't Say

"There won't be another son," I say quietly.  There's a long silence, and then Jack says. "No. There won't be another son." 
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Suicide's Grievers (Suicide-2)

I feel like I don't breathe for 45 minutes, as each person describes the death of their loved one.
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Rites of Passage (Willa-2)

"Willa," I say, "you have to stop riding. It's too dangerous."
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3 Million of Us (Diabetes-3)

I have had diabetes for 44 years, 6 months, and 29 days. But who's counting?
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Building on Blindness (Willa-1)

"Going blind," Willa says, "I fear I may become invisible."
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Artful Living (Annie-4)

I want to protect myself, in that way we do when we're reading a really good book and are afraid of what we suspect is going to happen.
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Surviving Suicidality (Suicide-1)

The past 20 years are a gift I wouldn't have had if I had completed suicide: all the adventures, the growth, the connections, the happiness!
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Stuck in a Pile of Dirt (Henry-1)

As Henry lands on the ground, he knows that his life has just changed forever.
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The Shadow in a Selfie (Hillary-1)

Silence was the main means of communication about the deep, sharp tensions that sliced the fabric of family life.
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"Only Connect!" (Spinal Cord Injury Group-1)

The magnetism of spinal cord injury survivors.
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16 Tons (Annie-3)

I see in Annie's eyes the fear of a personal apocalypse.

This Brain Needs Sugar! (Diabetes-2)

I groan louder because, I begin to know, I need help. I need help badly.
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Modern Love (Annie-2)

How much organizing should one woman do to go out to dinner and split the bill? 
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"How's Your Sugar?" (Diabetes-1)

This was bad news.  Alice August, a girl in my fifth-grade class, had diabetes, and she was a mess. 
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Stripping Bare (Annie-1)

"I loved the eyes on me," she said at last, quietly.
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Deuces Wild (Poker Group-1)

Marty doesn't play with us anymore. The guys talk about him occasionally: Ed reports that he is quieter, more remote, as kind and gentle as ever.
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A Sacred Circle (Writing Group-2)

Everyone took her neighbors' hands and the circle steadied and tightened: we created and held that sacred space.
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What We Leave Behind (Writing Group-1)

Women in a therapeutic writing group discover that adaptation includes grieving parts of themselves that they have to leave behind.
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The 50th First Day of School (Introduction to the Blog)

The start of the school year presents opportunities for the survival of the fittest. Hop on the bus to learn how.