Your Seven Keys to Good Thinking

These seven keys to good thinking will serve you well over your lifetime.

Confronting the Dirty Dozen in Your Head

You will never be at your intellectual best without paying attention to this Dirty Dozen of cognitive traps.

Trump Is Only the Symptom

Donald Trump is not the problem. He's a symptom of the problem.

Why No One Should Ever Use the Word 'Cult'

If "cult" is a sleazy, illogical slur word, why does everyone use it?

The American Race Problem

America is again focusing on its race problem and, once again, ignoring the past

The Greatest Conspiracy Theory of All Time

What do you say to people who claim nobody ever walked on the Moon?

I Order You to Stop Following Orders!

We all have a natural weakness for authority figures. To be safer, question everything and think twice before following orders.

Exploring Our Endless Obsession With the End

Explore the rational and irrational sides of doomsday.

Doctor Prescribes a Reality Check for Homeopathy

Homeopathic products are popular these days. What does a doctor say about them?

What Can We Learn from Ben Carson's Brain?

It takes more than a high IQ and an impressive education to be a good critical thinker.

Interview with 'The Martian'

"The Martian" talks space and story telling.

Can You Really Catch Madness From Your Cat?

Billions of human brains are infected with a bizarre cat parasite that seems to influence our personality and behavior. Could they be altering the course of human history as well?

How to Talk About Religious Beliefs Without Sounding Silly

We are a god-creating species. It is inaccurate, confusing, and dishonest to frame general belief discussions in the context of only one god.

A Few Words About Thinking

Change. Grow. Improve. Think and be fully human.

Deconstructing the Ben Affleck-Sam Harris Cage Fight

Are religions out of bounds? Academy Award winner Ben Affleck and neuoscientist Sam Harris clash over Islam on HBO's Real Time. Here's what you need to know.

What’s Wrong—and What’s Right—With Alternative Medicine

Even during times of global economic hardships, alternative medicine believers spend vast sums of money on products that almost certainly do not work. Why?

A 21st Century Thinker’s Reading List for 2014

Twelve books that will help you become a scientific-thinking, hominid-loving, space-literate, creative skeptic with a fit body and brain in 2014!
Guy P. Harrison

Four Simple Reasons Smart People Shouldn't Believe in Races

Biological race categories are inconsistent, illogical, and unscientific. Here are four simple concepts to keep in mind and share with others when talking about race.

Confronting the World’s Great Unrecognized Crisis

Are you ready to confront the world's great unrecognized crisis?