Thanks to Jeanne Sager at for finding five needles in the haystack--five commercials "that really get modern fatherhood," as she puts it.

Discovering these commercials could not have been easy, considering the way fathers are typically portrayed in commercials. A notable examples last year were the Huggies ads that suggested that asking fathers to put on diapers was the toughest imaginable test of a diaper--so easy to use even a father can do it!

After what must have been a painstaking search through these negative father stereotypes, Sager emerged with five ads that get it right. 

Among them are a Subaru ad in which a father nervously follows his daughter to school on her first day. "We've seen countless first day of school ads featuring sobbing Moms, but Subaru decided to do something a little different," she writes.

Another ad, for Clorox, shows a girl doing science (that's another stereotype-buster), and the kicker: It's her father who engages with her--and her father, not her mother, who cleans up the mess.

Sager has embedded video from these and three others. Click over and take a look, and get an idea how television might look if most ads treated fathers this way. And think about how that might affect the kids who are watching them, too. 

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