Should Neuroscience Save Tsarnaev From the Death Penalty?

Nature, nurture, and the developing brain of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

More on the Importance of Fathers from Susan Newman

Psychologists and others are increasingly speaking out about the importance of fathers. No longer do mothers hold center stage in research.
The Most Faithful Males Make the Most Devoted Fathers

The Most Faithful Males Make the Most Devoted Fathers

Owl monkeys found to be perfectly monogamous. What about us?

School Ban of 'My Little Pony' Backpack Raises Gender Issues

Can it ever be right to restrict the bullying victim rather than the bullies?

Publishing Insider: When Is a Book Really Finished?

A reminder of how complicated publishing a book can be.

Documentary Paints Horrific Picture of Family Court

A new documentary reveals the lawlessness of family courts and why it's so difficult to fix the system. (Hint: the political clout of divorce lawyers.)

Michelle Obama's Op-Ed on Obamacare Pops Up All Over

The First Lady joined the campaign to boost the public image of the Affordable Care Act in an Op-Ed that appeared here and there on the Web, but not in the major news outlets. Nothing wrong with that; but it feels a little sneaky.
Can a Father's Diet Affect His Newborn's Health?

Can a Father's Diet Affect His Newborn's Health?

While we've long known that pregnant women must have adequate folic acid in their diets to reduce the risk of birth defects. A new study suggests the same might be true of fathers: Low folic acid (vitamin B9) in fathers has also been associated with an increased risk of birth defects—and a tentative link to cancer, diabetes, autism, and schizophrenia.

Finally: A few father-friendly commercials.

Five television ads that bust father stereotypes.
Men Who Sleep Near Their Children Found to Have Lower Testosterone Levels

Men Who Sleep Near Their Children Found to Have Lower Testosterone Levels

A new link has been found between fathering and testosterone. It's intriguing, even if it can't be fully explained.

Older Fathers: Now We Know More About the Risks Their Children Face

Researchers make first measurement of the risks to children from older fathers. And the results are disturbing—the number of mutations in sperm doubles every 16-1/2 years.

Aurora: Again a Tragedy, and Again, and Again

Nothing it seems, will be enough to end gun violence.
Are Fathers an Endangered Species?

Are Fathers an Endangered Species?

Census figures show that fathers are less common, in sheer numbers, than you might think. They are not an endangered species. But are we threatening their habitat?

Video Games are Destroying Boys and Men? Not Again.

The guy crisis again? May we have the evidence please?

Do Fathers Model Sex-Role Behaviors for Sons?

It's not father's masculinity that matters—it's his closeness to his sons.

The New York Times Is Wrong: Alimony Does Not Work as It Should

The NY Times is wrong: The alimony system does not usually work the way it should.

Shared Parenting After Divorce: Please Share Research and Your Personal Experience

Is shared parenting after divorce best for children?
Why It's a Bad Idea to Praise Children

Why It's a Bad Idea to Praise Children

We all like to praise our children, and some of us worry that we praise them too much. Here's an expert who says we shouldn't praise them at all. The problem? It's a way of controlling and manipulating them.

Biological Father Denied Paternity Seeks Changes in Michigan Legislature

Michigan man seeks paternity rights for his biological daughter, but an archaic law says the mother's jailed husband must be considered the father.

Owl Monkeys: Among the Most Amazing Mammal Fathers

Owl monkey fathers mostly take over feeding after weaning.

Does mental illness remove all responsibility for a crime?

It's easy to make a diagnosis of "mental illness" when you are not a mental health professional and you haven't examined the patient. Was Rep. Gabrielle Giffords shot by a man, or by a diagnosis?

Sperm donor loses suit for joint custody of child

A sperm donor who sued for custody of the child he helped conceive sued for joint custody--and lost. The decision was good for the mother. But was it good for the child?

AAP sputters, then retracts policy on female genital cutting

The American Academy of Pediatrics has evidently found that compromise, when it comes to genital cutting, can be unwise.

What does your father mean to you?

Please answer this question for an upcoming post: What does your father mean to you?

Things lost when families dissolve

When Rudy Mancuso's family dissolved, he lost not only his familiar family life, but the crowning achievement of his professional career: the negative for what is probably the most famous photograph in baseball.