When Your Parent Has Dementia

Baby Boomers often remark that while their parents “did everything for them,” there was not a lot of space for emotional topics.

The Dangers of Diagnosing Trump

Diagnosing is a convenient privilege. The real work of political change is a lot harder than a label.

How the Stress of Our Partners Influences Our Health

How do we protect ourselves from the stressful emotions of those we love?

It’s Not 'All in Your Head.' It’s in Your Brain.

Current research helps us to understand that some physical illnesses, especially those that are not easily explained, are not made up at all. They are the result of complex neuroendocrine responses due to heredity, trauma and stress. The symptoms are real. They are not all in one’s head.

Who Says Wanting Control is a Bad Thing?

Yet, when it comes to our bodies, wanting to feel in charge is completely normal. But as we age it becomes less likely that we can control our bodies.

A Novel View of Grieving in The Leftovers

Trauma and loss causes us to lose ourselves. Healing involves finding the right relationships that can help us grieve, but also live.

What Do We Really Need From Our Friends?

Now, a new study has come out that helps us understand what we need from our friends in order to stay healthy—we need to be able to confide in them.

How To Talk About Illness

Many well-intentioned people say to someone who has a chronic illness or chronic pain, “You don’t look sick.” Unfortunately, this comment falls squarely in the Offensive Things category. Many people who are ill do not appear to be.

Physicians Are Biased Against Overweight Women

Doctors think differently about those carrying extra pounds.

A Story That's Different from Dallas Buyers Club

We dismiss that anyone can have bad luck in contracting one of many sexually transmitted diseases, which can transform lives.

Facebook is Like High School

The true gateway to adulthood is being able to distinguish being admired from being loved. Facebook does not help us in this regard.

Live Longer, But Don't Expect Help Paying For It

Brushing our teeth, flossing, and managing periodontal (gum) disease is thought to increasingly protect us from the development of illness, lengthen our lifespans and reduce the burden of disease. It is worrisome that most of us can't afford visits to the dentist.

Relationships and Health

Among both women and men, a sense that a spouse was not supportive or listening well was associated with increased inflammation, even when considering other factors that could also influence health.
What Is it Really Like to Be Old?

What Is it Really Like to Be Old?

We live in a manic culture in which we are supposed to embrace the victory of a long life. It is as if the world says, “Be Happy! You might live to be 100!” Yet, living to 100 might encompass a private, as well as public misery. Living a long life is rarely a guarantee of a life without pain and disability.

On Not Wanting to Be a Mom

What do lives look like when we are not raising children? Those of us making the choice may be struggling to define a different, and better, way of life.

Who is the “Difficult Patient?”

The meek do not win in medicine, but there is an art to being a good patient.

Facebook Depression

Does social media lead us to a less genuine kind of empathy?

Middle Age in Uncharted Territory

We are facing a time in which the numbers of people we need to worry about are increasing. The average life span has increased exponentially in our lifetime.
Do You Worry Too Much?

Do You Worry Too Much?

Everybody worries. Some of us worry too much. Although there is a lot of advice about how to combat worry, I recently came across a book that presents a novel approach to the management of anxiety.
How Narcissism is Normal as we Age

How Narcissism is Normal as we Age

It hurts to grow older—emotionally and sometimes physically. Managing self-esteem as we age is more about accepting limitations than pretending they do not exist.

The Challenges of Being a Medically Ill Parent

It is rare that a film can capture, in such a concrete way, dynamics between parents and children that often go unspoken

Keeping a Positive Outlook When Dealing With Chronic Illness

When friends and family are overly focused on being positive, it can result in patients feeling pressured to articulate how much they are suffering!

Getting Support When You Have Diabetes

People with diabetes should not go at it alone. Having sympathetic champions are crucial to staying healthy—but it can be hard to know how to ask for help. Here are 8 tips to help you ask for what you need.

When the Child Becomes the Parent

Taking care of an aging parent can throw us into multiple versions of ourselves. We can feel like an infant, child, and parent all at the same time.
Grieving and the Holidays

Grieving and the Holidays

We are taught that the holidays are supposed to be a time of excitement and joy; we see this depicted on television and in countless advertisements. Unfortunately, many of us do not experience the holidays as being surrounded by loving family, in front of a fireplace, or near a glowing Christmas tree.
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Differences Between Men and Women

Our current state of external inequality makes it harder to talk about internal and biological differences between the sexes.

The New Rules of Modern Medicine

Relational detachment is the "new normal" when we spend time with our doctors. We need to adapt in order to get what we need.

Conundrums: Approaches to Psychoanalysis

Conundrums: A Critique of Contemporary Psychoanalysis offers a thoughtful discussion of the benefits and limitations of contemporary psychoanalysis, as well as how politics in the field may keep us from thinking about how we can better communicate to the public (and each other) about what psychoanalytic therapies can offer.

When Someone You Love Has A Chronic Illness

The topic of illness makes most of us feel anxious and helpless. Because of the fear and anxiety associated with the topic of illness, many people avoid conversations about the all-too-present reality of how physically vulnerable we are.

How Dangerous Is "A Dangerous Method"?

Unlike relatively recent portrayals of longed-for sex with analysts, "A Dangerous Method" reminds us that boundary violations are, in fact, dangerous.