Time Management Skills

Time management is the ability to plan and control how you spend the hours in your day to effectively accomplish your goals. Poor time management can be related to procrastination, as well as problems with self-control. Skills involved in managing your time include planning for the future, setting goals, prioritizing tasks, and monitoring where your time actually goes. 

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Losing time and getting stressed? A remarkably simple formula looking at three basic factors can help make your days more efficient and joyous.

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One of the key criteria for good medical care is the quality time that physicians spend with their patients, but this which is under threat in corporate-run American Medicine.

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By Bella DePaulo Ph.D. on January 08, 2016 Living Single
There's a psychology to binge-watching TV—and writers, directors, and other masters of emotional engagement have us hooked.

A Day in the Life with Chronic Illness

Chronic pain and illness don't affect everyone the same way. That said, I’ve heard from people all over the world and our day-to-day lives are strikingly similar.

Over-reliance on High Tech May Have Caused a Sea Tragedy

High-tech hubris might lie at the heart of the sinking of a large US cargo ship and 33 crewmembers off the Bahamas last October

My Resolution for 2016: Cut the (Wireless) Internet Cord

Like many people, I spend far too much time online, much of it truly wasting time, and it affects my work and play even when offline. So, guess what my 2016 resolution is?

5 Ways to Calm Holiday Stress

By Kyle D. Pruett M.D. on December 18, 2015 Once Upon a Child
Stressed out for the holidays? These ways will help you stay calm.

Phones With Buttons

Modern corporate practices involving customer and technical support lead to long and frustrating waits. These frustrations are viewed by corporations as the cost of doing business.

Rushing Through Life

Despite all the planning, scheduling and multitasking, for so many of us there never seems to be enough time anymore. We run non-stop around the clock, dividing our attention among millions of things, constantly scrambling for more time. If you want to slow down and take some of your life back, consider trying one (or more) of these approaches.

Need to Conquer Procrastination? Try Working Less.

Is your procrastination getting out of hand? The problem — and the solution — might be simpler than you think.

Why Do Patients Stop Dying When Doctors Go on Strike?

Doctors withdrew their labour, in the different strikes analysed, from between nine days and 17 weeks. Yet all the different studies report population mortality either stayed the same, or even decreased, during medical strikes. Not a single study found death rates increased during the weeks of the strikes, compared to other times.

How Do Academic Prodigies Spend Their Time?

Best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell says that it takes a decade of intense practice – roughly 10,000 hours – to achieve mastery in any field. So, how does this apply to gifted students? Do gifted students from different countries actually invest their time differently in accruing those 10,000 hours needed to become masters of their field?

The Vacation Edge

Our past experiences can help guide us toward more fulfilling futures--whether the elusive "work/life balance" or setting goals for the next competition.

Asking "Why" Is a Matter of the Heart

We often ask ourselves what we are after and how to get there, but we tend to ignore the reasons why we do things.

The Scary Truth About Procrastination

By Bobby Hoffman Ph.D. on October 08, 2015 Motivate!
Sometimes finding out the root cause of our behaviors can be downright frightening. Beware the evil that lurks in the minds of the prospective procrastinator!

13 Easy Ways to Jumpstart Your Boring Life

By Donna Barstow on October 01, 2015 Ink Blots Cartoons
Routines can be comforting, but when every day looks the same, that can be a danger signal.

Time Management 101

By Dana S Dunn Ph.D. on September 29, 2015 Head of the Class
College students, especially those in their first year, often struggle with time management. How can they learn to use their time wisely while still reserving some for recreation and socializing? Documenting where and how they spend (and often lose) their time is a good first step.

The Surprising Key to Increasing Your Willpower

Want to increase your willpower? A new study reveals how one small change can make a big difference.

6 Mental Habits That Will Wear You Down

Do you struggle with self-doubt & insecurity? The best way to start feeling better about yourself is to notice the automatic mental and emotional habits that don’t serve you well.

How to Plan for the Future without Missing Out on Today

The truth is we really don’t know if we’re going to wake up tomorrow morning, so it’s important each day to make sure there are special things throughout our day, today, that make it a beautiful.

Coping With Technological Overload

Is your job placing too many technological demands on you? Technology overload is often mentioned as one important area of stress, especially for older workers.

Does Anyone Still Believe in Hard Work?

A ‘work ethic’ is about the idea that working hard is intrinsically a good thing to do. This means that the unemployed will suffer more psychologically, if they hold a strong ‘work ethic.’

Why "Science Benefits When We Think More and Do Less"

Does the productivity of scientific careers come at the cost of creativity? One foundation director worries that it does.

Checklist Medicine Makes For Checklist Monkeys

Why is your doctor only looking at her monitor?

Ten 5-Minute Ways to Get Organized

By Jennifer Haupt on August 29, 2015 One True Thing
There's just never enough time to get everything on your to-do list done, let alone cut down on clutter and get organized. But what if you could actually squeeze more minutes into your day? Here's how stop wasting time, and organize your home and your life in manageable five minute increments.

Attracting Millennial Job Applicants using Social Media

How to Increase Applicant Reach and Reduce Recruiting Costs

Zero Tolerance for Delay

Has the fact that so many services have become so much more efficient caused people to become unreasonably intolerant about any sort of delay?

3 Reasons People Don't Reply to Your Messages

By Victor Lipman on August 21, 2015 Mind of the Manager
Are people just too busy these days? Or lazy? Or oversaturated with media? And does anyone (besides me) care?

Back to School

Back to school: How to set your kids up for a happy, successful semester. (Best school year ever!)