Maximizing Productivity

There's only so much time in a day, a year, or a life. The ability to work quickly and efficiently within that time can boost results. Productivity results from a mix of factors: motivation, talent, training, work environment, support from others, time management, and even luck. Some people seem to be natural super-producers; others look to daily exercises and good habits to help them get things done.

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The 10 Reasons Why You Need Emotional Intelligence

Your Emotional Intelligence (EI) is vital for keeping and motivating your people and teams? You are the "Emotional Thermostat" for your team and define reality for them. If you don't step up you allow fear, uncertainty and chaos to rule the day. Read the top 10 reasons you should be developing your Emotional Intelligence.

Will Virtual Reality Usher In A New Romantic Era At Work?

By Tim Leberecht on November 23, 2015 The Romance of Work
The advent of VR in the workplace will represent a new stage for the experience economy. HR departments must start hiring experience designers, writers, and storytellers; IT department must add some serious VR expertise; and team leaders and executives must become curators of experiences.

7 Chilling Facts About Your Fear of Fear

Is fear your ally or enemy? The more you understand about fear, the less scared of life you will be.

One Key to Effective Management: Plain Old Common Sense

By Victor Lipman on November 17, 2015 Mind of the Manager
Most people like to be treated the way you like to be treated. Why wouldn't they?

Holistic Learning: Operating From a Sense of Insecurity

By Po Chi Wu Ph.D. on November 15, 2015 Jacob's Staff
Why are the tools and methods that worked so well in the 20th Century so ineffective in the 21st Century? How clearly do we understand the world we live in today as being different from (or similar to) previous ones? How can we respond effectively to challenges that are overwhelming, unclear and rapidly changing? What do we need to be learning?

6 Reasons Why Procrastination Can Be Good For You

Is procrastination getting the best of you? Maybe it's trying to tell you something.

Is It Time to Face Your Biggest Fears?

Is fear running your life? Yes, it is. And here is how to get back on the steering wheel.

The Real Reason to Care About Employee Engagement

By Victor Lipman on November 04, 2015 Mind of the Manager
Mindset matters. Attitude is a difference maker. It's not about sensitivity. It's about productivity.

The Genius of Instinct

If you want to thrive in life, begin to use the genius of your instincts.

5 Fresh Ways to Meet the Challenge of Creativity

By Susan K Perry Ph.D. on November 02, 2015 Creating in Flow
Experts take a fresh look at the research to focus on how the right degree of mental control and abstraction can optimize creativity, for individuals and teams.

Always Reward Your Writing Brain

By Susan Reynolds on October 30, 2015 Prime Your Gray Cells
When you feel good, your brain releases and bathes itself in what are called the feel-good chemicals—dopamine, endorphins, serotonin, oxytocin, and others—which is so pleasurable for your brain that it eagerly awaits new opportunities to repeat this experience.

Need to Conquer Procrastination? Try Working Less.

Is your procrastination getting out of hand? The problem — and the solution — might be simpler than you think.

Too Busy to Trust!

What is that busy-all-the time feeling doing to our ability or desire to build trusted work relationships? Trust building is a process that requires time. Is busyness hurting trust building?

How to Simplify Your Decision-Making by Using Rules of Thumb

By Alice Boyes Ph.D. on October 26, 2015 In Practice
Using rules of thumb to guide your everyday decision-making can increase your productivity and preserve your willpower. Find out how to develop some easy rules that work for your life.

The Pro-Mortem Method

The Pro-Mortem exercise lets a team pin down what success would look like. It takes little time to run, but has a considerable payoff. When the exercise is over, the team members are happily surprised by the kinds of impact their project can have.

Why Lower-Stress Management Leads to Higher Productivity

By Victor Lipman on October 19, 2015 Mind of the Manager
We often just assume a high-intensity model of Type A behavior is the natural style for management. But is this really the best way to bring out the best in others? This article first appeared in Harvard Business Review.

How Entrepreneurs Can Protect Their Most Valuable Asset

Are the challenges of being an entrepreneur taking a toll on you? Here is how to protect your sanity and reduce the emotional cost entrepreneurship.

Master Your Motivation

By Tina Seelig Ph.D. on October 12, 2015 CreativityRulz
There is a deep linkage between motivation and success. Those with a strong mission are much more likely to succeed.

Why Wait? The Psychological Origins of Procrastination

We all procrastinate. New research in psychology provides clues as to why--and how to stop.

The Essence of Managing Anxiety

Stress, anxiety and worry make us uneasy and can derail efforts to stay calm. Here are 10 simple ways to keep calm can make it possible to carry on even in difficult situations.

Don’t Let The Algorithm Become Your Rockstar!

By Tim Leberecht on September 30, 2015 The Romance of Work
What we need in our organizations are not smarter, more powerful algorithms, we need more true rock stars—visionaries and “misfits” who defy the confines of strict rationality, and rhyme more than they reason.

"Big Brother" is Coming to Your Workplace

By Ray Williams on September 30, 2015 Wired for Success
We are witnessing an explosion of employee monitoring systems and technological devices to facilitate that monitoring. The culture of surveillance has now invaded the workplace.

Effort Can Reveal Work, Life Passions

By Polly Campbell on September 30, 2015 Imperfect Spirituality
A little extra effort may be the surprising way to discover your life's passion.

How Aquaman Rules The Shark Tank

Some skills that will prevent you from sinking.

No, You Can’t Pick My Brain, But I’ll Talk to You Anyway

By Adam Grant Ph.D. on September 29, 2015 Give and Take
Why you might want to take that meeting

Could You Change Your Life Without Changing a Thing?

Open your life to a new technique that can allow you to be better every day without altering the course of your day in any way.

Can You Map Your Talents and Character Strengths?

With a growing number of organizations investing money and resources in the use of their people’s strengths, it has to be worth asking: “Exactly what is a strength?” Are they talents, values, interests or resources? Are they something we’re born with or something we’re able to develop?

How 7 Simple Questions Can Get You Unstuck

How often do you feel your head teeming with great ideas about how to improve your productivity, your income, your work life, your health, your relationships, or your happiness? And how often do you find yourself stuck in the same place, doing nothing but making the same promises to yourself and repeating the same excuses? There is a way out of stuckness!

The Coming Boom in Mental Health

How much will we need mental health services? A lot more than we do now.

Crispness: A Little-Discussed Key to Career Success

By Marty Nemko Ph.D. on September 18, 2015 How To Do Life
Unsuccessful people often lack focus and get sidetracked.