Dealing with Passive-Aggression

It's that sweet-yet-scolding note your roommate leaves about the one cup you left unwashed, or the report your colleague keeps "forgetting" to finish for you. Passive-aggression is frustrating to its targets, since it's not as easily identifiable—or unacceptable—as, say, socking someone in the jaw. For their part, passive-aggressive types can learn to express their anger in healthier ways, and stop sneaking around.

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How to Respond to Passive-Aggressive Behavior

Is someone’s passive-aggressive behavior driving you up the wall? Maybe you’re working too hard. Here’s what to do instead.

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Dealing with Passive-Aggressives Without Losing Your Mind

By Andrea Brandt Ph.D. M.F.T. on November 01, 2017 in Mindful Anger
Passive-aggressiveness is a form of anger.
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A Passive-Aggressive Thanksgiving

A tongue-in-cheek look at what’s going on under the surface at the passive-aggressive family’s holiday table.

Shadows of the Dark Triad

Perpetrators of mass violence aren't always apparent in the form of a readily identifiable monster. They often appear as the garden variety people who live among us.

12 Common Failures of Passive-Aggressive People

By Preston Ni M.S.B.A. on October 08, 2017 in Communication Success
D. Hall-Flavin describes passive-aggression as “a pattern of indirectly expressing negative feelings instead of openly addressing them." Here are the major negative consequences.

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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

By Ana Nogales, Ph.D. on September 06, 2017 in Family Secrets
Do not feel ashamed about being a victim of sexual harassment. Shame is for those whose conduct is improper, not the victim.

6 Steps to Changing Someone's Passive-Aggressive Behavior

Is a passive aggressive person causing you to feel angry and exhausted? The skill of Benign Confrontation can help you make long-term changes to this destructive dynamic.

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The Para-professional–Student Relationship

Para-professionals wield tremendous power over their charges. After reading “My Paraprofessional Was Supposed to Help me; instead, she Bullied me” I went looking for an interview.
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Is Your Partner Passive-aggressive?

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Children make meaning out of the events they witness and things that happen to them, and they create an internal map of how the world is. This meaning-making helps them cope.

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Digital Abuse in Relationships: What You Need to Know

By Michele Ybarra MPH, Ph.D. on May 17, 2017 in Connected
Learn how, and how often, digital technology is being used by domestic abusers to victimize their partners.
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Are You Being Manipulated?

Manipulation is veiled influence or hostility that may seem benign, friendly, or flattering. It can be hard to detect and know how to respond, unless you can spot the signs.

5 Ways to Spot Whether Your Ex Is Taking Advantage of You

After your breakup you agree to be friends. It doesn't take long, however, before you realize what a huge mistake that was. He is not a friend. He is taking advantage of you.

Why Passive-Aggressive Behavior Thrives in the Workplace

Passive aggressive workers make for an unpleasant office atmosphere at best and utter sabotage of productivity at worst.

Six Daily Irritations That We Deal With Most Frequently

You Are Not Alone Dealing With Daily Irritations

Passive Aggressive Notes

An 8-year-old boy replaces aggression with passive-aggression, in response to his mother's attempt to punish him.

52 Ways to Show I Love You: No Stealing

By Roni Beth Tower Ph.D., ABPP on February 19, 2017 in Life, Refracted
Taking over a loved one's time, attention, property, space or decisions without explicit permission from him or her is stealing. Boundary violations can threaten a relationship.

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Yes Virginia, Family Members Can be Bullies

Family tables are where we first learn that our silence keeps us out of the line of fire. Yet be wary of addressing the disrespect of the present AND the slights of holidays past.