All About Orgasms

Just in case you don't know: An orgasm is the peak of the sexual response cycle, experienced by males and females. This is a moment characterized by intense arousal and pleasure. During orgasm, involuntary muscle contractions and spasms may occur throughout the body. Orgasms keep us healthy, and maybe even wise.

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Want More Intense Orgasms? Try This Simple, Subtle Exercise

By Michael Castleman M.A. on January 15, 2018 in All About Sex
For more intense, more pleasurable orgasms—guaranteed!—try quick, easy, private Kegel exercises.

If Someone Takes “Forever” to Reach Orgasm

By Michael Castleman M.A. on January 01, 2018 in All About Sex
Do you or your lover have difficulty working up to orgasm? In both genders, orgasm difficulties are fairly common—and almost always curable

7 Snafus During Sex: What to Do When Things Go Wrong

Let’s face it: Two bodies can make a lot of sounds and smells that are anything but sexy. Here are some embarrassing difficulties you might encounter – and how to handle them.

Sexual Communication: The Bedrock to Make Your Bed Rock

By Laurie Mintz Ph.D. on December 17, 2017 in Stress and Sex
The vast majority of women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm, yet feel awkward telling partners this. Here you'll find a science-based pep-talk and tips for sexual communication.

What Fraction of Men Develop Erectile Dysfunction, Really?

By Michael Castleman M.A. on December 15, 2017 in All About Sex
Sexologists still don't know the true prevalence of ED. But as time passes, the proportion of men who admit it keeps growing.

Masturbation: Self-Abuse or Biological Necessity?

By Robert D. Martin Ph.D. on November 16, 2017 in How We Do It
Masturbation has slowly lost its evil reputation from previous centuries. Human studies and primate research both indicate that it brings benefits rather than health risks.

Cosmo Writer: Sex With Other Women Made Me a Better Lover

By Michael Aaron, Ph.D. on November 13, 2017 in Standard Deviations
Sex writer Sophie St Thomas reveals how she became a better lover by sleeping with women.

Mindful Sex Is Mind Blowing Sex

By Laurie Mintz Ph.D. on November 12, 2017 in Stress and Sex
Have you ever had your mind wander during sex? Most people have! Here's how to use mindfulness to bring yourself back to the moment and focus on sensations.

Close The Disconnect Between Women’s Self & Partner Pleasure

By Laurie Mintz Ph.D. on November 06, 2017 in Stress and Sex
To close the gendered orgasm gap in partnered sex we need to close another disconnect: the way women pleasure themselves alone and the way the receive pleasure with a partner.

Doing Sex Differently

By Laurie Mintz Ph.D. on October 30, 2017 in Stress and Sex
Academics discuss a “standard cultural script” where male orgasm is the climax of the show. Let's replace this with four new plays that make orgasms an equal opportunity event.

Let's Talk About Orgasms

By Holly Parker, Ph.D. on October 25, 2017 in Your Future Self
People can place enormous pressure on themselves when it comes to sex and orgasms. It’s easy for the Big O to become a Big Pain when climaxing turns into a must-have goal.

Surprising Relationship Benefits of the Female Orgasm

Some of the benefits of women's orgasms are both unconscious and surprising.

5 Steps to Better Sex in a Relationship

New research shows how sexual and relationship satisfaction are distinct yet interrelated, describing ways to enhance both by communicating differently about each.

How to Discuss Sex With Your Children

By Michael Castleman M.A. on October 16, 2017 in All About Sex
Child and teen sex education resources contain misinformation and emphasize procreation over pleasure. Here's how to correct them.
Jon Sullivan, from Wikimedia

Faking It: Why Pretend an Orgasm?

The reasons people pretend to have an orgasm range from the selfish to the magnanimous.

Are Sexual Lubricants Safe?

By Michael Castleman M.A. on October 01, 2017 in All About Sex
Recent studies suggest that sexual lubricants may damage genital cells and increase sexual infection risk. But if this is true, there are easy ways around the problem.

6 Ways to Increase Her Orgasmic Power

Has the mountain turned into a molehill? There is nothing more frustrating for a woman than to have the physiological motivation toward sex diminish or disappear. Here's help....

Looking for the G-Spot? 6 Things to Know

Is the G-spot real? Does every woman have it? How do I know if I'm touching the right spot?

6 Facts and Myths About Masturbation

While it may feel shameful to admit, everybody does it at some point in their lives.

A Sperm’s Obstacle Course to the Egg

By Robert D. Martin Ph.D. on September 06, 2017 in How We Do It
If too many sperms surround the egg, catastrophic fertilization by more than one may occur. A woman’s reproductive tract is adapted to tightly constrain sperm numbers near the egg.

Losing Time: Sexual Absorption and the Body

By Marc Wittmann Ph.D. on September 03, 2017 in Sense of Time
Absorption during sex is more closely related to desire and satisfaction in women than in man.

The Man’s Guide to Vibrators

By Michael Castleman M.A. on September 02, 2017 in All About Sex
Today's couples increasingly use vibrators together during partner sex. But many men are unclear about how best to use them on women. Some suggestions.

Achieving Equality in the Boardroom and the Bedroom

By Laurie Mintz Ph.D. on August 26, 2017 in Stress and Sex
Today is National Women's Equality Day. To commemorate it, let's continue the cultural and individual process of closing the orgasm gap.

This Is What Women Really Think About Sex

Sex begins in her mind. For her, it’s the fantasizing, remembering, and imagining hot sex that revs her engine. Sex researcher Meredith Chivers says “being desired is the orgasm.”
McLeon91 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Masturbation: Do Boys Do “it” More and Better than Girls?

Gender equality is becoming more of a reality when it comes to masturbation, at least in Sweden, but there is a cluster of girls who prefer not to masturbate.

Surprise: Men Enjoy—and Want—Foreplay

By Michael Castleman M.A. on August 01, 2017 in All About Sex
Many women say men fixate on intercourse, but one study shows that both genders value foreplay equally. Meanwhile, men who engage in extended foreplay suffer fewer sex problems.

Five Tips To Help Women Celebrate National Orgasm Day

By Laurie Mintz Ph.D. on July 31, 2017 in Stress and Sex
July 31 is National Orgasm Day. Here are five tips on female orgasm to help you celebrate, on this holiday and all year long.

Women's Sexual Pleasure, Orgasm, and Touching

The sources of women's sexual satisfaction remains less understood in spite of recent advances and advocacy. New empirical research gives detailed insights into what women like.

Being "Good in Bed"

By Fredric Neuman M.D. on June 25, 2017 in Fighting Fear
Many men and women worry about not being "good in bed." The advice I give applies to many other sort of personal encounters: a first date, a job interview, or selling something

Dating Asian-American Men

By Sam Louie MA, LMHC on June 02, 2017 in Minority Report
Asian men rank lowest in terms of online desirability and part of the problem is...