How to Get Motivated

Motivation is literally the desire to do things. It's the difference between waking up before dawn to pound the pavement and lazing around the house all day. It's the crucial element in setting and attaining goals—and research shows you can influence your own levels of motivation and self-control. So figure out what you want, power through the pain period, and start being who you want to be.

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The Scary Truth About Procrastination

By Bobby Hoffman Ph.D. on October 08, 2015 Motivate!
Sometimes finding out the root cause of our behaviors can be downright frightening. Beware the evil that lurks in the minds of the prospective procrastinator!

Is Runner's High Our Evolutionary Antidote for Laziness?

Two new studies suggest that our ability to experience runner's high may have evolved as a way to motivate humans to enjoy physical exertion.

7 Reasons Why Laziness Is a Myth

Debunking the Myth of Laziness. 7 reasons “slackers” don’t exert effort. Laura D. Miller, LCSW

The Back-to-School-Night Speech We'd Like to Hear*

By Alfie Kohn on October 03, 2015 The Homework Myth
Sit in a school auditorium listening to a list of rules and procedures, on the one hand, and numbing banalities about how "all children can learn," on the other hand -- and dream of a presentation that gets to the heart of what schooling could be like if kids (and learning) really mattered most...

One Thousand Reasons Breaking a Sweat Is the Best Medicine

Do you hate to exercise? Would you rather take a pill that mimics the benefits of working out than actually going to the gym? A new study has identified over one thousand molecular reactions to exercise. These findings could lead to the development of a drug that imitates the health benefits of breaking a sweat.

10 Fantastic Food and Fitness Quotes

Ready to get in shape or lose weight? Here are 10 famous quotes and some related science to help you get started today!

How to Practice Mindfulness – 5 Tips No One Has Told You

Mindfulness is a paradox. It’s the easiest thing in the world and the hardest thing in the world. But, you can cultivate your mindfulness. Here are 5 tips to find success with your mindfulness practice, whether you are new to mindfulness or someone who has been experiencing some hiccups in your practice.

WOSPs, Fear, and Unstructured Play

By John Tauer Ph.D. on September 30, 2015 Goal Posts
"Where have all the Children Gone" - Local Playground Near You

Out of Sight, But Not Out of Mind

By E. Paul Zehr Ph.D. on September 29, 2015 Black Belt Brain
Ever wonder at a beautiful between the legs return in tennis, or an incredible behind the back pass in ice hockey? The sense of touch can help do that even when the athlete can't see where the racket or the stick is—they just know.

Talking with Your Kids about Setbacks

By Gail Heyman Ph.D. on September 26, 2015 Let's Talk
Parents can help children view difficulties as stepping stones for success.

How 7 Simple Questions Can Get You Unstuck

How often do you feel your head teeming with great ideas about how to improve your productivity, your income, your work life, your health, your relationships, or your happiness? And how often do you find yourself stuck in the same place, doing nothing but making the same promises to yourself and repeating the same excuses? There is a way out of stuckness!

My Teacher is a Computer?

There are pros and cons to computerized-learning environments.

Predicting Mobile Trends

Tech and media design is a chess game. Every decision has consequences. Predicting mobile behaviors is not about the tools. It’s about how well the technology satisfies human goals and needs. This is the heart of media psychology.

3 Ways To Sexually Reconnect With Your Partner

By Clifford N Lazarus Ph.D. on September 23, 2015 Think Well
Want to reconnect with your partner sexually? No matter how long it's been, here are three powerful was to resuscitate your sex life.

Can Psychology Explain How To Become A Billionaire?

Billionaires came from extreme wealth and poverty, but the majority fell somewhere in between: comfortable middle to upper class backgrounds. Many of the individuals in this study may have been granted head starts in wealth, but also in personal traits such as intelligence, energy, drive, looks, charm, discipline, and conscientiousness that all helped them accumulate...

The Analyst and the Author

By Pythia Peay on September 21, 2015 America On The Couch
I was well into my second decade of analysis when I hit a wall in my freelance writing career. It was early 2000, and, gathering my courage, I’d submitted a query to George magazine—with its marriage of politics and celebrity, one of the coolest “glossies” on the newsstands at the time—only to have it politely rejected.

Athletic? Who, Me? Just What Is an Athletic Senior?

Learning to take advantage of your opportunity to move, and finding activities you love to do is the path towards fitness at any age.

Will a Pink Pill Make Me Horny?

Will a Pink Pill Make Me Horny? It depends on what kind of sexual problem you are having. By Susan Kolod, Ph.D.

WOSPs, Unstructured Play, and Intrinsic Motivation

By John Tauer Ph.D. on September 19, 2015 Goal Posts
Why don't we see children playing on playgrounds in the absence of adults?

You Won’t Find Athletic Success Without "The Grind"

By Jim Taylor Ph.D. on September 16, 2015 The Power of Prime
No matter how much you love your sport and no matter how much fun it is in general, you have to admit that there are many specific aspects of being an athlete that are definitely not fun, especially the physical conditioning. I’m thinking of those cold early morning runs, those workouts in the rain or in the blazing heat of summer, those multiple sets of weights.

Nostalgia Helps You Make and Keep Friends

By Clay Routledge Ph.D. on September 15, 2015 More Than Mortal
Lacking the motivation to socialize? Try nostalgia.

Why More and More Companies Are Dropping Performance Reviews

By Ray Williams on September 13, 2015 Wired for Success
The reality is that the traditional performance appraisal as practiced in the majority of organizations today is fundamentally flawed and incongruent with our values-based, vision-driven and collaborative work environments.

Which Common Educational Myth Limits Student Achievement?

By Bobby Hoffman Ph.D. on September 11, 2015 Motivate!
Misconceptions about teaching and learning are abundant, but there is one single and very common false belief that impacts effective instruction more than anything else. Do you know what it is?

Is Heroism a 'Guy Thing?'

By Frank T McAndrew Ph.D. on September 11, 2015 Out of the Ooze
We hold heroes in such high esteem because they act in a noble and virtuous manner, setting aside any thoughts of their own well being for the good of others. Or do they? It turns out that heroism, especially in time of war, positions men (but not women) for high status and enhanced mating opportunities if they survive the heroic action.

Laird Hamilton and the Art of Surfing

By Michael Friedman Ph.D. on September 10, 2015 Brick by Brick
Laird Hamilton, who is often considered one of the greatest athletes in the world, shares how intrinsic motivation and sense of purpose drive him to continued achievement.

The Psychological Trick That Will Help You Pay Off Debt Fast

Are you frustrated by debt? Understanding this psychological trick could be the key to becoming debt-free.

5 Secrets to Do What You Don’t Want to Do

Do you know what is best for you, yet find it difficult to actually WANT to do what you need to do? Here are 5 secrets on how to get yourself to do what you need to do, in order to get what you most desire.

The Self as Schtick:

By Kirby Farrell Ph.D. on September 06, 2015 A Swim in Denial
A schtick is a gimmick that wraps something up neatly. It’s the clichéd fistfight or kiss that clinches a pop story. It’s helps us make sense of the oceans of information we surf. But we’re ambivalent about it. It can delight us with a feeling of mastery, but it can also falsify the world and the self.

Ten Homework Motivation Strategies for Children and Teens

Keep your emotions in check while getting your kids back into their books with these proven strategies.

5 Lessons I Learned From Trying Paddleboard Yoga

By Marlynn Wei M.D., J.D. on September 06, 2015 Urban Survival
Getting bored of your usual yoga routine? Try paddleboard yoga and get over the fear of falling.