Dealing with Mid-Life Crisis

Everything seems to happen at mid-life: The empty nest, menopause, affairs, and growing unhappiness with a job. It's no wonder you bought that red convertible. Interestingly, mid-life is more of an issue in some cultures than others. Western societies hold on to youth more tightly than others.

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Changing Career in Midlife and Later

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Combining two or three of your key attributes to get a better career.

Long-Term Marijuana Dependence Linked to Problems at Midlife

A new longitudinal study, released today, reports that persistent, heavy use of marijuana throughout early adulthood is associated with social and economic problems at midlife.

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Midlife can truly make us happier. Here's how.

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By Marty Nemko Ph.D. on January 27, 2016 in How To Do Life
Is that all there is? Is it all downhill from here?

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By Christopher Bergland on January 12, 2016 in The Athlete's Way
Recently, two Canadian studies reported that the 'mid-lfe crisis' may be a myth. Is the same true for Americans?

Gifted When Young, Healthy When Older?

Although it’s true being intellectually gifted can come with certain challenges, there are also many benefits associated with higher intelligence, including midlife health.

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People move to find something. Find work. Find love. Find happiness. Find themselves. Does moving actually help us find what we’re looking for?

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How to Think Outside the Box

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“Think outside the box” is advice you often hear. But what if you’re STUCK in a box, a routine, a view of yourself or how others view you?

The Boomers, the "Old-Old," and In-Between: Four New Takes

By Karl Pillemer Ph.D. on October 24, 2015 in Lessons for Loving
A sabbatical equals time to read - so I've been making up for lost time binge-reading all those books on aging I should have been reading. If you are behind like me, here are four suggestions that show the range of writing on successful aging (and how to get there).

Do You Lie About Your Age?

When I was a teenager I wanted to be thought of as older. Older girls seemed sophisticated, hip, and independent. Now that I am ACTUALLY older, it’s younger women who seem sophisticated, hip, and independent. Go figure.

Lost With Dementia

By Mario D Garrett Ph.D. on September 14, 2015 in iAge
What is the best strategy for finding people with dementia who get lost?

Good, Better and Best Advice for Life After 50

When you tell yourself that your best days are behind are, you pretty much guarantee that they are. Stop worrying about what will happen in ten years because life in ten years won’t be anything like what you’re imaging now.

Turning 50: Alison Bechdel’s Success and Mine

By Karen L Smith MSS, LCSW on September 05, 2015 in Full Living
Relative career success can lull us into complacency. As we live and work longer we benefit from seeing opportunities for new professional ventures. Age allows us to take on these new ventures with experience, skill and confidence.
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How to Rebalance an Out-of-balanced Life

As many of us have learned from experience, knowing what you “should” do, or what you have been told you “need to do” isn’t always enough to get yourself back on track to what it is that you really want to do.

When the Creativity Researcher Goes Back to Being Creative

By James C Kaufman on August 17, 2015 in And All That Jazz
For half of me, this is a dream come true. I’m revisiting my musical and reworking the script with my director Valeria and rewriting some songs with my composer Michael. The other half of me is feeling impostor syndrome for the first time since grad school – what the hell am I doing?

It’s Not Easy Being a Grown-Up

In many ways, as we get older life gets more complicated. When life throws you a painful curve it makes sense that the need for soothing dramatically increases. Being grown up doesn't mean that you’ve outgrown the right to get support!

Worried About a Midlife Crisis? Don't. There's No Such Thing

The midlife crisis is one of those urban legends that refuses to go away, no matter how much evidence question its universality. The latest evidence to refute the midlife crisis myth shows, yet again, that there are no massive personality upheavals when the decade marker strikes four-zero.

Nothing Says "Old Dude" Like Getting a Motorcycle

What is it with old dudes and motorcycles? Is it a last defiant statement that the real man hiding inside looks more like Steve McQueen in "The Great Escape" than Kevin James in "Paul Blart: Mall Cop?" Or is it the simple joy of having something powerful throbbing between your legs once again?

Finding Your Power Through Writing

The practice of writing, journaling in particular, can be a powerful tool to help you understand your passions and life purpose. Writing is a way to tap into your subconscious mind and learn about your true self. The transcendent feelings that comes in knowing this can be awe-inspiring and life-changing. The article also includes journaling prompts.

Getting Intentionally Lost Later in Life

By Sam Osherson Ph.D. on June 23, 2015 in Listen Up!
As we age, taking a Time Out can be crucial to vital involvement in our life. How to create a space where we can renew and rediscover ourselves?

7 Lessons From the History of Adulthood

Lessons from the past that illuminate the present.

Goddesses: What Are Their Origins and Roles?

A recent birthday celebration reminded me of the importances of goddesses in our lives. We are different goddesses depending upon where we are in the life cycle. Athena, for example, puts career first, Hera puts marriage first, Artemis is the goddess of the hunt and saves other women and Aphrodite is the sensual lover. The wise woman arrives later in life.

How to Free Yourself From Regret, for Good

Many people feel regrets about past decisions and paths they took in their live, and they often feel trapped by the long-term consequences. But there's a different way of understanding the regrets, by learning how you have been changed by them in ways you might not realize.