How do you find your perfect match? Your partner for life? And when you meet that someone, how do you know you've made the right choice? Perhaps you feel you're aiming too high, or maybe you're aiming too low. And talking about a soul mate makes matters worse—besides, do soul mates even exist? Here are some articles to help you maneuver the mating game.

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Is It Last Call for the Gay Bar?

By Adam Gerace Ph.D. on December 12, 2017 in Knowing Me, Knowing You
Are gay nightclubs and bars still relevant to same-sex attracted people for forming sexual and romantic relationships?

Two Ways to Spot When a Suitor Is Becoming a Stalker

By Wendy L. Patrick, Ph.D. on December 10, 2017 in Why Bad Looks Good
When it comes to attention, there can be too much of a good thing. When focus becomes fixation, it is time to end a relationship that has crossed the line.
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Romantic Love, Casual Sex, and Human Ecology

Do harsh environments foster short-term mating, and rich ones long-term commitment? Environmental effects on reproductive strategies are more complicated than one might think.

Winning Love

By Aaron Ben-Zeév Ph.D. on December 05, 2017 in In the Name of Love
Attempting to change the beloved and surrendering to the beloved are common practices. Although each has some value, neither is effective in guiding our romantic path.

Dating Radar: 3 Ways to Spot Trouble Ahead

Are you dating again? Know someone who is? Here are three tips to avoid high-conflict partners.

10 Evolutionary Psychological Concepts That People Don’t Get

Evolutionary psychology is a powerful framework for understanding human behavior. Unfortunately, the field is woefully misrepresented. Here's how.

4 Little Words That Can Forever Change Your Relationship

New research on an age-old phenomenon suggests that it only takes 4 words to revitalize your relationship, as you remember how it all started.

3 Tips to Finding Love When You’re Older

It takes a willingness to stay the course and not give up.
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Love, Sex, and Romance with Different Abilities

By Elizabeth Young on November 27, 2017 in Adaptations
Hal says, "When you’ve got intimacy, and you add touching, you’ve got really good sex.” 

Insight From a Dating-Challenged Therapist

By John Kim, LMFT on November 26, 2017 in The Angry Therapist
Four things I've learned about dating.

Can the Seeds of Love Be Planted Synthetically?

By Eyal Winter Ph.D. on November 25, 2017 in Feeling Smart
Here's a rigorous procedure for falling in love.

What Men Won’t Reveal About Their Sexual Attraction to Women

By Madeleine A Fugère Ph.D. on November 24, 2017 in Dating and Mating
Men's sexual attraction to women has some surprising and unintended consequences for both sexes.

The Eyes Have It: Limbal Rings and Attraction

By Robert Burriss Ph.D. on November 23, 2017 in Attraction, Evolved
The limbal ring is a part of the eye most of us never consciously notice. But this darkened part of the iris may signal health and beauty.

Improving Your Chances on Tinder

By Martin Graff Ph.D. on November 22, 2017 in Love, Digitally
Females are three times more likely to send Tinder messages compared with males.

Love at First Sight Feels Magical, but What Is It Really?

By Grant Hilary Brenner M.D. on November 22, 2017 in ExperiMentations
Love at first sight. Is it real? What is it? How does it play into our ongoing romantic relationships? New research adds to our gradual understanding of courtship and mating.

How to Spot the Stalker: When Casual Dating is Dangerous

By Wendy L. Patrick, Ph.D. on November 18, 2017 in Why Bad Looks Good
How many dates does it take to form a relationship? Stalkers might say one — or none. The distorted lens of unrequited love can be delusional and dangerous.

Masturbation: Self-Abuse or Biological Necessity?

By Robert D. Martin Ph.D. on November 16, 2017 in How We Do It
Masturbation has slowly lost its evil reputation from previous centuries. Human studies and primate research both indicate that it brings benefits rather than health risks.

What Do You Bring to the Dating Table?

By Randi Gunther Ph.D. on November 15, 2017 in Rediscovering Love
Read now for the the 5 questions to ask yourself.

Cosmo Writer: Sex With Other Women Made Me a Better Lover

By Michael Aaron, Ph.D. on November 13, 2017 in Standard Deviations
Sex writer Sophie St Thomas reveals how she became a better lover by sleeping with women.

The Wandering Eye and the Green-Eyed Monster

By David Ludden Ph.D. on November 11, 2017 in Talking Apes
New research shows that when people fantasize about illicit affairs, they often project their guilty feelings onto their partner.

Will Online Shame Prevent You From a Holiday Romance?

By Sue Scheff on November 10, 2017 in Shame Nation
A new survey reports that over half of Americans will search for information online before dating you.

Young and Cueless: Thinking about the Big Rise in Anxiety

By Scott M. Stanley Ph.D. on November 07, 2017 in Sliding vs. Deciding
Anxiety and depression have increased sharply for teens and young adults. Why? Does cuelessness about relationships play a role?

My Mother Has Too Many Boyfriends

By Barbara Greenberg Ph.D. on November 07, 2017 in The Teen Doctor
How To Deal With Your Mother's Boyfriend Choices.

Are Men Socialized to Prey on Women?

By Melissa Burkley Ph.D. on November 06, 2017 in The Social Thinker
Research shows the common men-as-predator and women-as-prey metaphor of dating may encourage men's sexual misconduct.

What to Say (Or Not) When Introducing Yourself

By Martin Graff Ph.D. on November 06, 2017 in Love, Digitally
Opening lines were of three different types which were cute-flippant, innocuous and direct. Do people still use cute-flippant lines?

How New Relationships Can Shift Your Priorities

By Samantha Joel on November 05, 2017 in Dating Decisions
What are the consequences of having conflicting goals with a new romantic partner? Is the relationship doomed, or is there room for compromise?

How Absentee Fathers Affect Women's Sexuality

A new study reveals an intriguing consequence of having a disengaged dad.

Should We Prepare Ourselves for Straying?

By Aaron Ben-Zeév Ph.D. on October 31, 2017 in In the Name of Love
In order to reduce the pain of a potential romantic rejection, some people cultivate back-up romantic options. How beneficial is this preemptive strike strategy?

How Long Should You Date Before Getting Married?

Consider these points before you make the move towards marriage.

That’s So Aromantic!

By Bella DePaulo Ph.D. on October 26, 2017 in Living Single
Some people just aren’t into sex. Others just aren’t into romance. To understand what this means, we need to recognize four kinds of people.