The Effects of Age on Libido

A general cultural discomfort with sex among older persons has led to many myths about sexuality and age. Menopause is traditionally considered a leading factor in diminishing sex drive among women, due to the drop in estrogen levels. But it may just as likely spark a renewal of interest in sex among women.

Among men, age may present the advent of physical problems with erection and ejaculation, especially after age 50, but they are not necessarily accompanied by any diminution in desire.

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Synchronous and Asynchronous Sexual Experiences

When the couple embraces variable, flexible sexuality, which celebrates synchronous as well as asynchronous sexual experiences, they can enjoy a strong, resilient sexual desire.

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Sex Addiction as a Sex-Positive Concept

The sex addiction recovery movement not only complements the progress made toward a sex-positive culture, it reinforces it. Sharing and exploring not just our greatest sexual joys and discoveries, but our struggles and pain as well, is the path to an integrated and holistic model of sexuality.

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Are you a woman who wants to re-discover low or lost libido? Then read this book.

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Contrary to what's shown in the movies and on TV, intercourse is not necessary for great sex.

Sexuality in the Cancer Patient

The cancer experience (including treatment and emotional aftermath) can and often alter the sex life of both the patient and partner. The two are not, however, mutually exclusive, depending on the specific cancer and the relationship of the partners.

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Female Sexual Arousal: Why Viagra Doesn't Work on Women

Every single attempt at increasing female sexual desire through peripherally acting agents has been a colossal failure. Drug companies found that if a man is physically turned on, he will also become psychologically turned on. Women, however, require more than just physical stimulation.