The Benefits of Gratitude

Gratitude is an emotion expressing appreciation for what one has—as opposed to, for example, a consumer-driven emphasis on what one wants. Gratitude is getting a great deal of attention as a facet of positive psychology: Studies show that we can deliberately cultivate gratitude, and can increase our well-being and happiness by doing so. In addition, gratefulness—and especially expression of it to others—is associated with increased energy, optimism, and empathy.

Recent Posts on Gratitude

Feeling Entitled to a Little Gratitude This Mother’s Day?

Here’s an icky confession: Since becoming a mother, I have dreaded Mother’s Day.

Original Voices: Snapshots of Homelessness, Hope, and Faith

By Jennifer Haupt on May 02, 2016 One True Thing
"Original Voices" is the perfect title for this collection of poems, essays and wonderings, written by homeless women in Seattle.

4 Stunning Things Thank-Yous Do for a Marriage

This one "booster shot" helps partners stay happier & more satisfied, stay together longer, and protects from the negative effects of arguments. So why is it so hard to keep up?

When Food is Love

For my mother, cooking was never a service; it was the deepest, purest act of love.

Feminism and Politics: From Gratitude to Misunderstanding

Millennials have opportunities because of the early feminists who fought for the rights of all women.

Why We Like Being Appreciated

We all likening appreciated, but what is it about receiving gratitude that touches us? This article explores five things about gratitude that warms our heart and lifts our spirits.

The Best Mindfulness Exercise Most People Don’t Know

Do you use the mindful pause? People are reporting it helps them improve their mindfulness and bring out the best in them. See several examples here.

Sad Day When Your Prince Dies

Prince's death has shocked us all. When I was Prince's opening act, I learned firsthand why Prince was such a prince. Here's the story ...

Why We're Throwing Our Doggie a Birthday Party

By Marty Nemko Ph.D. on April 20, 2016 How To Do Life
Life lessons from musing on the celebration of Einstein's 10th year here

Why Complaining Rarely Gets You What You Want

What is the number one reason why people complain?

Gratitude Without God

Some people think gratitude is an emotion unique to those who believe in God. But is there any compelling reason to think that atheists are not grateful?

Soap Angels from Heaven

Your smile is still there! Remind yourself of your capacity for joy.

Mini-Memoir: Write Your Story in 40 Minutes

How to let gratitude, the arts, and music help you write just one memory at a time.

5 Steps for Moving Forward in Spite of Regrets

Regrets can haunt you all of your life. If you find yourself dwelling on what could have been, follow these steps to positively shift into motion.

Lingering Gratitude: Nonna’s Young Lover and Your Memoir

To begin your memoir, just capture one moment in time.

A Thousand Ways in Life and Death

It can feel like a thousand little cuts that hit unpredictably as we learn to live with loss. It can be the seemingly mundane things in life that hurt so unexpectedly.

What Do We Do With the Silence?

The best thing to do with silence is listen.

The Benefits of a Mortality Meditation, Part 2

By Gregg Levoy on March 29, 2016 Passion!
Death-awareness can help you live to the fullest. Here are a dozen forms of mortality meditations.

The Pursuit of Happiness Never Ends Well

Happiness is a state of being, not a pile of stuff.

9 Mental Habits That Will Make You Bitter

By Andrea Bonior Ph.D. on March 26, 2016 Friendship 2.0
Few actively choose to become bitter, hardened people. But in the face of pain, it can sometimes feel hard to prevent. Here are some tricks to help you stay open to life.

An Oral History Program to Tell Veterans' Stories

By Eric Newhouse on March 22, 2016 Invisible Wounds
Thor Ringler, the VA's "poet-in-residence," spearheads a pilot program of taking oral histories from vets. It's been so successful that the program is being copied around the VA.

6 Science-based Tips for Lifelong Love

Looking for happily-ever-after? Here are 6 science-based ways to lifelong love.

10 Principles to Maximize Happiness

Attending to these 10 important principles will improve happiness and well-being. Easier said than done of course but if we really want to be happy then we need to try these.

The Japanese Art of Acceptance: Shikata ga nai

When I finally came to myself, I looked around and realized that this year, once again, the world was filled with the sweet, fresh breeze of early spring.

Can You Ever Really Be Happy?

There are a few keys to being happy. And one is learning how to be sad.

America the Anxious

What about American culture is making you anxious? How can you become empowered to combat the anxiety and be less on edge?

Help Your Child or Teenager Move Toward Happy Productivity

What can you do if your child is opting out, not achieving, not engaged? Slow things down, play outside, and say thank you, and you’ll enhance the chance for happy productivity.

What Makes a Worthy Person? "The Four B's"

The Four B's are our authentic sense of Being (grounded, appreciative); Belonging (close others); Believing (ethical principles); Benevolence (kindness): "Our Emotional Footprint"

What Rude People Can Do For Us

"A truly compassionate attitude toward others does not change even if they behave negatively or hurt you." ~ Dalai Lama XIV

20 Simple Ways to Be More Mindful Right Now

Bring more calm and happiness into your day with these easy mindfulness practices.