The Benefits of Gratitude

Gratitude is an emotion expressing appreciation for what one has—as opposed to, for example, a consumer-driven emphasis on what one wants. Gratitude is getting a great deal of attention as a facet of positive psychology: Studies show that we can deliberately cultivate gratitude, and can increase our well-being and happiness by doing so. In addition, gratefulness—and especially expression of it to others—is associated with increased energy, optimism, and empathy.

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It's important to learn how to be grateful appropriately: the opposite of gratitude looks suspiciously like greed, pride and hubris.

“I Can’t Imagine My Life Being Any Better”

By Seth J. Gillihan Ph.D. on January 14, 2016 Think, Act, Be
Does happiness really come from the simple things in life?

Learning to Live Well with Chronic Illness/Conditions

By Dan Mager MSW on January 13, 2016 Some Assembly Required
If you experience a chronic illness/condition, with time and practice, you can make the adjustments necessary to establish a “new normal.”

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Major Lessons from Daily Life

By Marty Nemko Ph.D. on January 08, 2016 How To Do Life
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Re-setting Your Happiness Set Point: Part 1

“The purpose of life is to be happy” - His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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It was a simple idea--an Additive Advent Calendar--that proved to be veritable creativity skill-building workout. What does it take to create?

What’s Right With You?

By Alex Korb Ph.D. on December 31, 2015 PreFrontal Nudity
It’s time to put your brain in the right mode for the New Year. Here are some simple tricks.

Do This One Thing for Increased Happiness in the New Year

By Andrea Bonior Ph.D. on December 29, 2015 Friendship 2.0
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Reflections on New Year’s Eve

Reflections on New Year’s Eve. Be careful what you wish for! By Max Belkin, Ph.D.

9 Powerful Ways Gratitude Can Change Your Life

Gratitude is the most under utilized super power of all time.

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By Joachim I Krueger Ph.D. on December 26, 2015 One Among Many
The psychology of seeking help or asking for favors rarely considers the underbelly of strategic reasoning. Here’s an attempt to do just that.

"Loving Thy Neighbor As Thyself" Makes Us Healthy and Happy

Scientific studies have found that small acts of generosity improve the health and happiness of both the giver and receiver.

4 Gifts to Give Your Romantic Partner

By Amie M. Gordon PhD on December 21, 2015 Between You and Me
If you are struggling to think of the perfect gift for your loved one this holiday season, try giving them one of these relationship boosters.

Being Thanked for a Gift Can Boost Your Well-Being

By Linda Wasmer Andrews on December 21, 2015 Minding the Body
When thanked for a gift, don’t be too quick to say “it’s nothing.” Accepting gratitude, like giving it, is good for your health and happiness.

3 Reasons Why Gifting Goes Wrong

By Deborah Carr Ph.D. on December 19, 2015 Bouncing Back
Are you disappointed with your holiday gifts every year? Understand the reasons why (and how to fix it).

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6 Ways to Squash Kids' Materialism This Holiday

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Give Yourself and Your Loved Ones the Best Holiday Gift Ever

By Michael F. Kay on December 17, 2015 Financial Life Focus
Every year, the same hysteria arises. The over-the-top "need" to spend more money than is rational—leading to January misery.

Four Gifts That Could Last Forever

By Kyle D. Pruett M.D. on December 16, 2015 Once Upon a Child
Forever gifts that could provide long-term value for your child.

The Power of a Grateful Heart

By Erica B Slotter Ph.D. on December 16, 2015 Me, You, & Us
This time of year, many of us reflect on what we are grateful for. Research suggests that gratitude toward a close relationship partner can have benefits under some circumstances.