Dealing with Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can affect anyone of any age or gender. Whether it's physical or psychological, domestic abuse is destructive for both the battered and the batterer. Its tendency to be passed down over generations makes it all the more important that we develop effective methods for combating abuse.

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Emotional abuse undercuts a person’s foundational self-confidence and love of self and replaces them with confusion about self-worth, value, justice, mercy, and love.

The Scientific Truth about Giving Thanks: Just Do It!

Karen did not intend to be physically and emotionally abused by her husband, but life had other plans. Being coerced into dressing up in provocative outfits and posting her photo on the Internet shamed her sense of decency and deeply disturbed her values of fidelity and modesty. As a result she fled the marriage, using all available funds to pay an attorney.

Risky Behavior and Victimizers: Two Issues, Not One

A teen passes out drunk at a frat party and is raped. A woman whose husband beats her goes back to him repeatedly, despite having the ability to leave. Lately, anyone who even brings up the subject of risky behavior by people like this are accused of "excusing" the victimizer and "blaming" the victim. Nonsense. Though connected, these are two separate issues, not one.

Radicalization of Young Muslims

By Kathryn Seifert Ph.D. on November 28, 2015 Stop The Cycle
Radicalization is a growing and terriffying problem from Paris to Canada and around the world. The radicalization process has been well studied by scholars and much is known about it. Publicising what is known can help us put prevention strategies in place. Risk reduction is found in interventions in violent homes and communities, reaching out to disinfranchised youth.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence: Can we break the cycle?

Building Resilience After Trauma: Lessons from Chile

Don’t go it alone. Create order out of the chaos. Nurture hope. Commit for the long-term because recovery takes time. And reclaim your dignity through helping others. Wise advice whatever the trauma, wherever one lives.

It Wants to Happen

Feminism is stepping out of the shadows as many celebrities, intellectuals and politicians heartily and intelligently endorse full human rights for girls and women.It is everywhere on the planted it is happening.

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It doesn't always take two to save your relationship. In the beginning, it can start with one person making serious change.

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There is hope for people who have abused their partners. Here's what they need to learn in order to change.

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