Dealing with Divorce

Some experts contend that the easing of divorce laws has helped make marriage stronger by rooting it more deeply in personal choice. On the flip side, do people have all the skills needed to work out the inevitable difficulties that arise in marriage? If the dissolution of a union results, the process can be a painful one for all concerned. It can take a divorcee years to regain equilibrium, and sometimes the emotional split is incomplete. 

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Disappearing into your relationship? Perspecticide is one way controlling people force their viewpoints onto their partners.

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By Wendy Paris on February 09, 2016 Splitopia
We can enjoy this holiday by expanding our notion of love. Rather than ignoring it or making cynical remarks, take an open-hearted attitude and celebrate love more broadly.

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There are many reasons why couples may divorce, but when are these marital problems most likely to arise? Research tests three compelling possibilities.

Rewriting the Narrative of Divorce

By Wendy Paris on February 02, 2016 Splitopia
We've grown up reading and watching stories of passionate love affairs, and our own can feel flat in comparison. But there is no "canon of the good divorce."

Why Some Breakups Are More Painful Than Others

Research suggests that maintaining a fluid self-concept, retaining a sense of separateness, and externalizing rejection may mitigate the devastating effects of breaking up.

Of Sibling Rivalry, Stepfamilies and Bullying

What to do about sibling rivalry and stepfamilies

The #1 Way You Antagonize Your Partner Without Knowing It

By Kira Asatryan on February 01, 2016 The Art of Closeness
You’re trying to be helpful... but you’re actually pissing them off. Learn what you’re doing wrong.

Is It Okay to Stay Strictly for the Kids?

Anyone experiencing the pain of wanting out of the marriage but wanting to stay for the kids would welcome a creative alternative to divorce.

6 Things Never to Say to a Friend Dealing With a Breakup

Sometimes, avoiding what NOT to say is just as important as saying the right thing.

Contemplating Divorce? Answer Two Essential Questions First

Dissolving a marriage is tough. A few mindset shifts can make the task easier.

The Real War on Marriage

By Jen Kim on January 25, 2016 Valley Girl With a Brain
t's true: There is a war on marriage. But it has nothing to do with the Supreme Court or the LGBT community. The real warmonger? It's none other than...

Can Divorce Increase Your Overall Health?

Research finds that divorce can increase health, but the findings underscore the importance of a positive relationship, no matter what form it takes.

4 Behaviors That Unmask the Hidden Narcissist

By Peg Streep on January 20, 2016 Tech Support
Sometimes, the narcissist in your life is pretty well-hidden. Absent the grandiosity, the need for admiration, and preening, the tiger shows his stripes when he fights.

Why I Wrote a Book About the Good Divorce

By Wendy Paris on January 19, 2016 Splitopia
When it comes to divorce, I learned that how you do it is what matters, for your children and for yourself.

The Ideal Ex-Husband

By Wendy Paris on January 12, 2016 Splitopia
We assume divorce leads to ever-growing distance, or active anger, but my own ex feels more like a 20-percent spouse, fulfilling about one-fifth of the roles I'd once sought.

10 Tips for Co-Parenting with a Narcissist

What can you do to cope when you are co-parenting with a narcissist?

Before You Divorce, Why Not Try a Parenting Marriage?

This newer alternative is actually a throw-back to the ways people used to operate all the time (and, in some areas of the world, still do).

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Grades - It's easy to ruin a semester. Here are FIVE doable ways to succeed.

10 Ways Your Job is Like a Bad Marriage

Just like a bad marriage, a bad job can be a source of stress and unhappiness. Here are the warning signs.

The Problem With Stepfamilies

What to do about a tenuous relationship with a stepmother?

How to Stay Together Without Being Together

A newly emerging trend that just might make sense for you, your spouse, and your kids, when the marriage goes south.

Friends Offer Support During Divorce, Offline and On

By Wendy Paris on December 29, 2015 Splitopia
Connection to others helps regulate emotions, which is one reason your spouse might act crazy in divorce; she's missing the beneficial connection to you. Online community can help.

“She Said ‘Yes!” Research on Variables in Marital Success

Brenden proposes to Nicole on bended knee in Rockefeller Center and meets the criteria for marital success from the National Marriage Project at Rutgers.

Top 5 Considerations for Your Last Married Holiday Season

Do you know that you will be filing papers after the New Year? If so, you'll want to read these tips to get through the rest of the holiday season.

3 Tips for Enjoying the Holidays While Divorced

By Wendy Paris on December 22, 2015 Splitopia
It’s easy to feel less-than during the holidays, but we can create new traditions, skip the old ones, and bring cheer to others—three ways to enjoy the season, while divorced.

Relationships: Keeping a Great Partner

If you want to be in great shape, you have to work out regularly. If you want to keep a great relationship, you have to work at it.

5 Ways We Reject Love (and How to Stop)

Most of us don't realize all the big and small ways we push love away, but these behaviors are sure signs we're doing just that.