Dealing with Divorce

Some experts contend that the easing of divorce laws has helped make marriage stronger by rooting it more deeply in personal choice. On the flip side, do people have all the skills needed to work out the inevitable difficulties that arise in marriage? If the dissolution of a union results, the process can be a painful one for all concerned. It can take a divorcee years to regain equilibrium, and sometimes the emotional split is incomplete. 

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Let Jules, Cynthia, Yolanda, Luann, Bethenny, NeNe, Porsha, Phaedra, Tamra, Vicki, and others be cautionary examples of how the show makes relationships more vulnerable to divorce.

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Endless self-criticism will get you nowhere and will only intensify the hurt. Here are 5 ways to get over your ex with your self-esteem intact.

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I want children to have a childhood, despite their parents’ divorce. How? Their parents can act like parents, not litigants, spurned lovers, or bitter exes.

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Coming to terms with the end of your romantic relationship or marriage? Here are five well-meaning pieces of advice you shouldn't take to heart.
Pierre Auguste Cot/Wikimedia Commons

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Are you in a toxic romantic cycle of constantly breaking up, then making up? This might help!
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Should You Stay or Go?

Is he or she right for you? Not a simple question. Let's consider what went wrong - and if it's fixable.

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You can take control of your life post-divorce by connecting with those who've gone before you.

The Most Important Step to Take After a Breakup

Research shows that women experience greater pain and heartache after a break up than men.

How Divorce Is Changing for Our Neighbors Up North

By Wendy Paris on July 05, 2016 in Splitopia
New article in Canada's largest newspaper looks at Canadian couples who co-parent cooperatively, celebrate holidays together, and even help out with each other’s laundry.

To Make Marriage Better, Should We Expect Less?

By Noam Shpancer Ph.D. on July 05, 2016 in Insight Therapy
The philosopher Alain de Botton has a theory about the malaise of modern marriage and how to fix it. He may be missing the target on both counts.

She Said, He Said, She Said

In which a male and female psychologist on opposite sides of the planet attempt to draw closer in understanding what makes it so hard for marriages to stay alive.

Making Room for It All: Part 2

It’s easier said than done to accept our partner the way they are if we haven’t done our own work to know ourselves well.

6 Talks Every Couple Needs to Have Before Marriage

By Peg Streep on July 01, 2016 in Tech Support
You and your partner should tackle these six important topics before you tie the knot.

How to Get Over an Ex (and 2 Major Mistakes to Avoid)

When faced with the loss of a relationship we tend to vilify or idealize our ex. There is a way out of this obsessive thinking that will help you to heal faster.

How the Brits and the EU Could Botch Their Divorce

With emotions running high, will anger, anxiety and depression cause all sides of this divorce to be losers?

Why Marriages Are So Difficult to Sustain

By Steven Mintz Ph.D. on June 29, 2016 in The Prime of Life
Don't blame yourself for all of your marriage's problems; the stresses and tensions are deep-seated.

The Lies Lovers Tell Survey

Are you lying to your lover? Or are they lying to you? A recent study explores what we lie to our partners about and how often we do it.

Do Women With More Premarital Partners Get Divorced Less?

New research sheds light on which types of experiences prior to (or instead of marriage) enable positive, intimate, and mutual partnerships to grow—and last.

I Lost My Step-Family and I'm Distressed

Reader: My dad and stepmother split up and I miss my stepbrother.

Laughing After Divorce

Divorce is common and results in difficult feelings and experiences. A new study explores the role of humor after divorce.

How Do Toxic Relationships Affect Health?

If relationships came with nutritional labels, would you think twice about getting involved?

5 Ways to Tell If Your Relationship Is Built to Last

Are you riddled with angst over whether or not all is well and secure in your romantic partnership? Here are five ways to help determine if you need to let this relationship go.

Letting the Chaos of Divorce Speed on By

By Wendy Paris on June 23, 2016 in Splitopia
Sometimes letting thoughts go moves you forward, because our minds aren't up to the task of making the world suit all our needs.

Why Recovering From the Narcissist in Your Life Is So Hard

By Peg Streep on June 20, 2016 in Tech Support
Getting over a failed relationship or going through a divorce is always hard, but when a narcissist is in the mix, the process is always more difficult.

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