Analyzing Appetite

If only it were a simple calculus: hungry, eat, full, stop. But an array of biochemicals sending signals to the brain from a variety of local centers and around the body makes appetite very complex. Appetite is malleable in order to take advantage of excess calories whenever they are available, and sometimes it can be difficult to control. 

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This Holiday Season: Say Nuts to Calories

Quality over quantity; why the fixation on calories is ruining our health.

8 Ways to Eat Mindfully During the Holidays

By Susan Albers Psy.D. on November 25, 2015 Comfort Cravings
It's not easy to eat mindfully during the holidays! Here are a few simple psychological tips that can help you avoid overeating while still mindfully eating holiday foods you love like pumpkin pie and sugar cookies.

Lose Weight Instantly With Optical Illusions

Forget the gym this holiday. Applying perceptual neuroscience is faster.

Forget Willpower: A Smarter Strategy to Resist Temptation

Just in time for the Holidays, with the endless parade of treats and snacks, a positive and appropriate method to fight temptation.

In Defense of the Bagel

Americans have an endless obsession with diets and eating or not eating foods in an effort to lose weight, bloat or fat. Often the food restrictions or diet imposed serve to induce bingeing at some point. The gluten-free environment has left the friendly bagel maligned or at least misrepresented.

Appetite for Risk: What Is Your Approach to Risk?

By Adrian Furnham Ph.D. on November 20, 2015 A Sideways View
People are quite different in their appetite for risk. Are "risky types" risky in all their behaviors: in the workplace, in their personal relationships, in the way they drive, in what they eat and drink?

Coffee Talk

Coffee: Morning savior or caffeinated devil?

A Fun Way to Beat Emotional Eating

By Susan Albers Psy.D. on November 13, 2015 Comfort Cravings
Do you need a quick and easy way to calm your nerves without calories? Try this technique to help break you free from emotional eating.

A Reasonable Dietary Goal for Today

By Fredric Neuman M.D. on November 08, 2015 Fighting Fear
Dieters fail because they think of dieting in the wrong way. Setting deadlines is counter-productive. Success in dieting can be measured each day

Why White, Female Killers Become Celebrity Monsters

By Scott A. Bonn Ph.D. on November 02, 2015 Wicked Deeds
When an attractive young, white woman is charged with murder, the media feed the public’s huge appetite for graphic images and information on the case. It is in the best financial interests of the media to feed the frenzy because large consumer audiences are attractive to advertisers who pay to reach their readers and viewers.

Is the Customer Always Right?

The last of supply and demand may hold, but it is important to know which came first, and whether the demand is either good or permissible.

Our Appetite for Psychological Banality

Many people go through a diary-keeping phase. Does it help them to do so? A blank notebook offers a few hints on how to become self-obsessed.

Medical Marijuana: The Science Behind THC and CBD

Although marijuana remains a Schedule I substance with the Drug Enforcement Agency, medicinal marijuana continues to make headway in today’s medical society and is stirring up controversy. Only in the past couple of decades have scientists begun to understand the specific medical benefits of the two main ingredients in marijuana: THC and CBD.

6 Ways to Avoid Overeating Halloween Candy

By Susan Albers Psy.D. on October 19, 2015 Comfort Cravings
Halloween can be a scary time for stress eaters. Here are 6 tips to help you remain mindful this Halloween and avoid overeating candy!

Medications and Weight Gain: We Need Support

Have you gained weight from taking medications for bipolar disorder? Are you getting support or feeling stigmatized?

How All-You-Can-Eat Buffets Use Psychology to Make Money

All-you-can-eat buffets create the perception of providing variety and quality, but cleverly manipulate customers' choices and portion sizes.

Your Fitbit Is Ruining Your Relationship With Your Body

By Nicole Avena Ph.D. on September 28, 2015 Food Junkie
Why obsessively tracking your health isn't so healthy after all

Overcoming Intimate Relationship Dynamics

You cannot be happy in love without being compassionate and kind.


By Jeremy E Sherman Ph.D. on September 24, 2015 Ambigamy
Over-committed? Try inventorying your commitments. Some have accumulated like weeds worth pulling up by their roots.

One Of The Best Foods to Manage Hunger Throughout the Day

By Susan Albers Psy.D. on September 21, 2015 Comfort Cravings
Do you get to work in the morning and feel hungry before you even start your day—even though you just ate breakfast before you left? Many clients ask me what are some of the best foods to help manage their hunger and make you feel more satisfied. Here is one food that can help...

The Psychology Behind the Pumpkin Spice Fad

By Jordan Gaines Lewis on September 11, 2015 Brain Babble
Why do we get so obsessed with pumpkin spice everything this time of year? Here's the psychology behind the craze.

Parents With a Big Appetite for Their Children to Excel

By Kyle D. Pruett M.D. on September 11, 2015 Once Upon a Child
It is a rare parent who does not hope for great success in their children’s lives—for accomplishing at least as much, if not more, than the parents themselves did growing up.

Last Meals on Death Row — What Do They Reveal About You?

The ‘Death Row’ study found ice cream and pie were the most popular desserts followed by cake. Chocolate was scattered across food types including in milk, malt, pudding, and ice cream as well as cake, brownies, fudge, and cookies. Chocolate has a reputation as a coping food for stressful situations.

The Ego Diet

By Jeremy E Sherman Ph.D. on September 07, 2015 Ambigamy
Appetite for praise is a lot like appetite for fatty foods. Both are hazardous to your health and both can be curbed with the right effort.

“Friss Die Haelfte!”

After 35+ years of specialization in eating control, in 2013 I designed a small clinical program, which oversees weight control, exercise and emotional management for post-menopausal women with double diagnoses. I called the program Lean On Me, because the double entrendre connotes the power of group interaction to help with what seems impossible, as well as the optimal li

The Degenerate Anthropophaginian

By Katherine Ramsland Ph.D. on September 02, 2015 Shadow Boxing
True crime author places Packer tale in context of cannibalism and crimes in American history.

3 Ways You Need to Invest in Your Relationship Every Day

When the physical hunger starts to wane, what can you do to keep the fire of steady love stoked?

Are You Angry or Hangry?

By Temma Ehrenfeld on August 28, 2015 Open Gently
Don't have angry discussions on an empty stomach. And if your husband is angry at you, make sure he's fed.

Vegetarianism and Money: Surprising Results from a New Study

By Hal Herzog Ph.D. on August 24, 2015 Animals and Us
What the results of a new survey of the diets of Americans reveal about the connection between vegetarianism and household income.

Groovin’ on Movin’: A Model for Movement

Kate McFetridge, US silver medalist in the 2015 Pan American games, hopes to row for the US Olympic team in 2016. Join us at Vesper Boat Club as she teaches Ava, 9 and Sara, 5,how to avoid pediatric obesity and grow to adulthood intelligent, beautiful, and groovin' on movin".