What Are Antioxidants?

Oxygen is important for life, but it also contributes to the formation of free radicals — molecules that destroy cell membranes and speed up the aging process. Fortunately, we have antioxidants — molecules designed to keep free-radical damage in check. Antioxidants help us stay young in mind and body, boost our immune system, and are easily incorporated into our diets, found in everything from fresh produce to wine and chocolate.

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Master Your Immunity With Glutathione

With the holidays quickly approaching, there’s never been a more important time to bolster your body’s most protective immune-boosting antioxidant: glutathione. Little known, though naturally found in nearly all of the body’s cells, tissues and organs, glutathione is an essential immune-booster that protects our cells from oxidative stress and toxins.

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By Marlynn Wei M.D., J.D. on October 03, 2015 Urban Survival
Are raw or cooked fruits or vegetables better? Find out which ones are better eaten raw or cooked and how best to cook them.

Is Your Diet SAD?

By Peter Bongiorno ND, LAc on September 29, 2015 Inner Source
Do you think your getting all the nutrients you need? You eat right, right? Mmmm… maybe not. See what the research is saying, and check these 7 steps to make sure you covering the bases.

Is This the Best Reason to Finally Start Doing Yoga?

Yoga amps up your body's natural defenses against toxins. Find out how yoga might be the next "new" antioxidant and defense for your immune system.

Your Brain on Chocolate

Chocolate, a fermented extract of the seed pods of the Theobroma cacao plant, is one of the world’s most popular foods. Given the active caffeine, theobromides, and rich number of flavanols in chocolate, it’s no surprise that cocoa has been used as a medicine for at least 3000 years. Could it have beneficial effects on the brain?

A Simple Way of Reducing Long-Term Stress in Dogs?

An unexpected finding — the simple act of walking your dog can affect its long-term ability to cope with stress.

Adventures in Allergy

When patients say they are "allergic" to something, they do not necessarily mean the same thing that doctors have in mind when they use the word. And vice versa.

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Health Benefits of Resveratrol: New Plaudits

By William R. Klemm Ph.D. on January 25, 2015 Memory Medic
If you could only take one pill, would this be the one?

Reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder: SAD in the Summer

By Jordan Gaines Lewis on January 14, 2015 Brain Babble
While many of us are familiar with SAD, there are, in fact, people who get SAD in reverse. For a small group of people, the dark days of winter don’t elicit depression, but renewed vigor and improved mood.

The Mediterranean Miracle

People who follow the Mediterranean meal plan tend to live longer and have a reduced risk of developing diabetes, cancer and obesity. If you resolved to eat more healthfully in 2015, this meal plan may be an easy way to keep your New Year’s Resolution.

Dark Chocolate: Good For Your Brain!

Dark Chocolate is beneficial to brain health!

5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Brain Before The End of the Day

By Max Lugavere on October 08, 2014 The Optimalist
Steps to optimize working memory and brain function, all before 5pm.

Foods, Toxins, and ADHD

Certain foods and toxins have been associated with worsening ADHD symptoms; there are, however, things you can do to minimize this effect.

Is Organic Food Healthier? Who Can Tell With All the Spin?

As risk issues grow more and more complex we need more and more trustworthy information to figure them out. But some scientists are not neutral. Advocates use the internet and social media to spin and distort. And the modern news media oversimplify and shorten–and leave things out–as never before.

Healthy Summer Cookouts in 12 Easy Steps

Want to know how you can make your 4th of July cookout both healthier and tastier? Read on!

Mental Health Benefits of Resveratrol: New Plaudits

One supplement that is likely to have major benefit.

Why You Should Probably Go to Bed Right Now

Do without sleep now and make up for it later. Research indicates that adults with busy lives and demanding schedules that run up a sleep deficit may not be successful at catching up. Irreversible damage to the brain may be linked to insufficient sleep.

Lipoic Acid: The Little Supplement that Could

Do you become overwhelmed when you’re in the supplement aisle? Do you ever feel like you're shoving a fistful of pills into your mouth every day and can no longer remember why you’re taking what? For these reasons and more, it's helpful to be aware of potent agents that serve multiple roles. Meet lipoic acid, the little supplement that packs a powerful punch.

For Better Sex, Embrace Diet and Lifestyle Wisdom

It's boring and not sexy, but it makes a tremendous difference in bed.

Beans, Beans, They Really Are Good For Your Heart!

By Conner Middelmann-Whitney on April 08, 2014 Nourish
Beans, lentils and chickpeas -- collectively known as legumes -- may reduce our risk of heart disease, a new study suggests. Most of us don't eat nearly enough of this Mediterranean-Diet staple. Read here about the many delicious ways you can boost your legume consumption -- and how you can avoid the dreaded side-effects of enjoying this "musical fruit."

Foods that Help Ease Emotional Eating & Pain

No one likes pain. Not only does it slow you down and drag down your mood, it can also lead to emotional eating. The good news is that there are some alternative ways to use food in positive ways to help ease pain.

Are You at Risk from Fukushima Radiation Exposure ?

It has been three years since the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Is radiation from the Fukushima accident showing up in your food today? And, what is the best way to protect yourself from this, and other nuclear radiation?

Welcome to the Modern Mediterranean Diet

By Conner Middelmann-Whitney on April 02, 2014 Nourish
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Modern Mediterranean Diet. What makes this way of eating so irresistible? Its deliciousness? The way it's simple to adopt and maintain? Its many scientifically proven health benefits? The fact that it's low-glycemic and gluten-free? This may just be the health fix you've been looking for.

Tylenol in Pregnancy and ADHD

Tylenol use during pregnancy correlates with a linear increased risk of ADHD in offspring. Should the use of Tylenol as a "safe" painkiller during pregnancy be reconsidered?

“Healthy Indulgence” Is Not an Oxymoron

By Conner Middelmann-Whitney on February 11, 2014 Nourish
Nature has endowed us with taste buds so that we can select the most fragrant, flavorful and nutritious foods—so why not take her cues and enjoy the gifts she has bestowed on us? Darkly sensual chocolate. Succulent cherries. Spicy, crunchy hazelnuts. Nourishing eggs. Sweet vanilla. Not just good, but good for you! (Delicious recipe included.)

Yes, Cancer Can Be Prevented…

By Conner Middelmann-Whitney on February 04, 2014 Nourish
About 30-40% of cancers could be prevented with the help of healthier lifestyles, but many people still don't know this, as two new surveys show. Read here how eating a Mediterranean diet could help cut your cancer risk.