Have you ever attributed a human emotion to a stuffed animal or a pet? How about to a non-living entity, like the government, or to a natural phenomenon, like the wind? Anthropomorphism is the process by which we ascribe human emotions and motivations to inanimate objects, concepts, phenomena, or other species. 

Recent Posts on Anthropomorphism

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Living with a pet provides humans with many physical and psychological benefits. Research shows that the health and well-being of pet owners is greater than that of non-pet-owners. But what about our pets? Sure, we buy them treats and care for them. But do they get deeper, more important rewards from their human relationships? And how might this come about?

Do We Project Our Own Personalities Onto Our Dogs' Behavior?

Dogs can be a sort of psychological mirror since people sometimes use their own personality tendencies to fill in the gaps when trying to interpret ambiguous dog behaviors.