Dealing with Anger

You know the feeling. It's that rage you get when someone cuts you off on the highway; the one where you just want to floor it and flip the bird. Anger is a corrosive emotion that can run off with your mental and physical health. So do you hold it in? Or do you let it all out? Anger doesn't dissipate just because you unleash it. Here are a few articles and blog posts that can help you better manage this raw emotion.

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Recent Posts on Anger

When You're Hot, You're Hot

Living at the mercy of a hot temper is miserable for everyone.

Overcoming BPD: 9 New Year's Resolutions

By Blaise Aguirre M.D. on February 07, 2016 On the Borderline
In dealing with the 9 symptoms of BPD, a regular mindfulness practice can make a lasting impact. Here is a specific practice to even out the roller-coaster moods of BPD.

Blake Griffin's Mea Culpa

How Blake Griffin could earn back the trust of fans and supporters after being a bully

New Study Shows Brief Meditation Can Reduce Anger

By Marlynn Wei M.D., J.D. on February 04, 2016 Urban Survival
A new study shows how 20 minutes of meditation can help with anger.

The 5 Quickest Ways to Kill Your Relationship

By Kira Asatryan on February 04, 2016 The Art of Closeness
Is your relationship sliding downhill fast? Learn the behaviors that are causing the decline, and the quickest remedies to keep your love alive.

The Sexual Ethics of Star Wars

Why must erotic love compromise a person's ability to use the Force for good?

15 Control Tactics of Difficult People

Be on the lookout for these, before you get blindsided!

Taking Control of Your Anger

5 key steps to help be more thoughtful when you feel angry. Decide whether you want to react in an angry way and whether that response will best serve you.

How Can You Stay Cool When Your Kid Acts Up?

In the heat of the moment, we're in fight, flight or freeze. And when we're in "fight", our child looks like the enemy.

What Jeffrey S. Gould Can Teach Us about Misophonia

By Pamela D. Garcy Ph.D. on January 27, 2016 Fearless You
Is misophonia affecting someone you love? A new film raises understanding and compassion.

Should You Feel or Flee Your Emotions?

When we avoid our feelings, we tune out important clues as to who we are. We limit our capacity for self-understanding and fail to fully experience or shape our lives.

12 Tips to Transition to Peaceful Parenting

Acting out is not a personal challenge to you. When your child "acts out" she is acting out feelings that she can't express in words.

Is "The Revenant" Psychologically Harmful?

By Jeremy Clyman Psy.D. on January 21, 2016 Reel Therapy
"The Revenant" has already garnered lots of awards for its quality. But a psychological warning should be attached to this film.

What to Do When Someone Flirts With Your Partner (or More)

Your partner may have every intention of being faithful but, without any warning, someone else comes along and turns it all upside down. What will you do?

The Sounds of Rudeness

Rudeness is sadly becoming the acceptable way of communicating, because models of incivility are loudly displayed in politics, the media, the trolling blogosphere, and conversation

Narcissism at Work: The Arrogant Executive

By Adrian Furnham Ph.D. on January 17, 2016 A Sideways View
We place emphasis on the benefits of high self-esteem. But when does high self-esteem turn into subclinical narcissism?

When Your Kid Emotionally Throws Up On You

Are the rants of your kids wearing you out? Learn the difference between raw and pervasive emotions to help you provide the supportive reality checks they need to build resilience.

Smashing the Neurotransmitter Myth

Serotonin depletion is not the cause of psychiatric conditions. Antidepressants are a significant factor in suicides and mass mass murders.

Confronting Passive Aggressive Behavior

Do you know someone who is overtly cooperative but covertly defiant? Do you live or work with a person who carries out tasks with intentional inefficiency?

The Most Important Controversy in Current Psychiatry

A dimensional approach does not permit discrimination between health and illness, and there is no scientific base for its use in research.

Schopenhauer Talks Back

Before your next argument, review Schopenhauer’s “Art of being right.” Beg the question, turn the tables, or make your point ex concessis. Whatever it takes!

What Are Basic Emotions?

By Neel Burton M.D. on January 07, 2016 Hide and Seek
Basic emotions such as fear and anger are held to be innate and universal.

How Therapy Can Help Exercise Addicts (Part II)

When we rely upon others to tell us how worthy we are, we actively forfeit strengthening a connection with our own sense of value.

The Revenge Myth

Revenge is appealing. Someone hurts us and we're convinced that revenge will make us feel whole again. Just thinking about revenge can trigger positive emotions.

15 Red Flags of Passive-Aggressive Behavior at Work

Compliant defiance and hostile cooperation wreak havoc in the workplace. How to recognize passive aggressive behavior before your office is sabotaged.

"'I'm So Mad I Could Kill Him!"

By Marty Nemko Ph.D. on January 04, 2016 How To Do Life
We need a better solution for people with anger problems.

The Top 3 Leadership Challenges For 2016 and Beyond

These three things are holding us back from achieving a better world and a better life for all.

Sibling Abuse and Bullying

Brothers and sisters can hurt each other very, very badly, and because they live together, there’s no escape for the victims. Learn the facts about sibling bullying.

What Is Anger? Part II

Recently, we have been investigating two of our most important innate affects, Interest (curiosity) and Anger. We explored Interest in the May-October 2015 Newsletters.

What Is Anger?

Currently, we are discussing two of our most important innate affects, interest (curiosity) and anger. In the last several newsletters, we have examined interest in some detail.