Exploring Alcohol and Alcoholism

For many, beer, wine, and spirits conjure up thoughts of social gatherings and tipsy fun. But alcohol, a depressant, is also associated with damaging behavior and the emotional pain and physical ruin of addiction. Experts debate the benefits and risks of drinking and passionately argue over whether moderation or abstinence is the best option for alcoholics.

Recent Posts on Alcoholism

Ladies, You Know What a Beer Is? Stay Away From It!

By Danielle Teller on February 09, 2016 Tipping Sacred Cows
Telling people not to have sex doesn't prevent pregnancy. Why does anyone think it will work for alcohol?

Writing for Addiction Recovery

By Sam Louie MA, LMHC on February 09, 2016 Minority Report
If you're an addict & want to gain greater insight into your behaviors, triggers, and overall addictive tendencies, what do you do? Research shows journaling can aid in recovery.

Faux Fun

By Bernard L. De Koven on February 09, 2016 On Having Fun
There may be good reasons for thinking that fun isn't enough.

Bill D. on Alcoholics Anonymous

The future of mental health interview series continues with Bill D. on Alcoholics Anonymous

Hey CDC, You Forgot About Dads!

By Darby Saxbe Ph.D. on February 07, 2016 Home Base
It's important to protect infants from alcohol exposure. But it's not the sole responsibility of women.

Sober Dating + Sober Sex = Less Drug and Alcohol Relapse

What should recovering alcoholics and former drug addicts keep in mind when pursuing romantic relationships?

Once an Addict, Always an Addict

By Sam Louie MA, LMHC on February 05, 2016 Minority Report
Do you agree with the phrase, "Once an addict, always an addict"? Why or why not? This view of addiction may seem pessimistic in terms of recovery & clarification is needed here.

Susan Raeburn on Group Psychotherapy

The future of mental health interview series continues with Susan Raeburn on group psychotherapy.

James Swanwick’s Challenge to Go From Average to Awesome

By Michael Friedman Ph.D. on February 02, 2016 Brick by Brick
James Swanwick shares the positive benefits of being alcohol free.

These U.S. Presidents Suffered from Mental Illness

By Guy Winch Ph.D. on February 02, 2016 The Squeaky Wheel
How many presidents would you guess had mental illness?

The Perils of Benchmarking Good Behavior Using Self-Report

The UK government has published new guidelines on alcohol consumption and, yes, they are controversial. But are they undermined by self-report bias?

Facing Fear and Letting Go

By Fran Simone Ph.D. on January 29, 2016 A Family Affair
A mother's decision to finally accept what she cannot change.

How Self-Inhibition Leads to Addiction

Addictive actions are never random. Get to know how you can predict and control them.

When Your Mate Drinks Too Much

By Temma Ehrenfeld on January 19, 2016 Open Gently
Love can help you leave an addicted partner.

Mindfulness in the Treatment of Self-Destructive Behavior

Self-destructive (dysregulated) behaviors can feel impossible to resist. Can mindfulness really help something so entrenched and overwhelming? (If so, how?)

Defensiveness Hinders Recovery From Addiction

Commitment to recovery is undermined when defensiveness minimizes the impairment, make others responsible for it, or attacks solutions for failing to meet some arbitrary condition.

Drinking, Drugs, and the College Transition

Substance abuse on college campuses is a frightening problem that few have solved. Here are lessons and approaches that have worked with students in the college transition.

What Type of Addiction Services Do I Need?

There is an endless and overwhelming amount of information on the Web about addiction treatment options. Many people have no idea where to begin...

Are the DSM-5 Addiction Revisions Still Confusing?

As you move into the new year, take the time to consider your relationship with alcohol and drugs.

Alcohol and Marijuana

Alcohol and marijuana use disorders are common. Some individuals use both drugs simultaneously. With the increased use of both drugs, will it be more dangerous on the roads?

How Teen Drug Use Is Changing for Better and Worse

The teen drug and alcohol scene isn’t what it used to be, a new survey finds. And that’s both good and bad.

Which Is More Dangerous: Alcohol or Drugs?

By Adi Jaffe Ph.D. on January 05, 2016 All About Addiction
Even though alcohol is a major addictive drug and a primary reason for nearly 100,000 annual deaths in the U.S., we see it as vastly different than other drugs. That's silly.

Vets' Aftercare Should be Calculated as a Cost of War

By Eric Newhouse on January 05, 2016 Invisible Wounds
Before going to war, our government should be prepared to provide post-war help for its soldiers. One mom's letter demonstrates the extent of our failure to do so.

Read This If You're Resolving to Reduce Your Drinking

By Guy Winch Ph.D. on December 31, 2015 The Squeaky Wheel
You want to reduce your alcohol consumption--is a period of abstinence really wise? Read on to find out:

Sober New Beginnings and Dry January

There’s pressure to get into the holiday spirit from all corners and there is often unspoken social pressure and friendly encouragement to overindulge in food and drink.

Jessica Jones' Alcoholism

By Stanton Peele on December 26, 2015 Addiction in Society
"Jessica Jones" doesn't do alcoholism the old-fashioned way. Despite her trauma she isn't degraded, stands up for herself, and makes her own decisions, whether drinking or not.

People Are Dying en Masse from Our Approach to Addiction

By Stanton Peele on December 23, 2015 Addiction in Society
Should the National Institute on Drug Use be less boastful of our effectiveness in attacking addiction through the chronic brain disease model of addiction?


By Marty Nemko Ph.D. on December 23, 2015 How To Do Life
A Christmas Story

Company Parties: Skip the Alcohol or Keep It Under Control

This time of year holiday parties often involve alcohol. That's fine, but if the drinking is part of a business or organization, you'll want to limit consumption to limit liability

How to Spot Depression in Children

Left untreated, teenage depression can lead to problems at home and school, drug abuse, self-loathing, homicidal violence or suicide.