Izzy Kalman

Izzy Kalman is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist who has been working in schools and private practice since 1978. He has developed fun and effective methods that use role playing to teach basic psychological principles for solving bullying, aggression and relationship problems. When the Columbine massacre 1999 ignited a worldwide crusade to get rid of bullying by treating it like a crime that will not be tolerated, he recognized that the approach could not work. He created a website, www.Bullies2Buddies.com, to teach people how to handle bullying on their own, based on time-honored psychological principles.

Izzy has been working intensively since 2002 with Cross Country Education, which sponsors his full-day seminars. Over 40,000 mental health professionals and educators throughout the US and Canada have attended thus far. He is Director of Bullies to Buddies, Inc., the company he and his wife created to produce materials and provide consultation on bullying. He is the author of Bullies to Buddies: How to turn your enemies into friends, and other publications and products for dealing with bullying and relationship problems, and creator of a whole-school bullying prevention program, Victim-Proof Your School.

Author of

Resilience to Bullying

The woldwide movement to protect kids from bullying is failing. It weakens them emotionally, fosters helplessness and intensifies the bullying problem. This blog is dedicated to promoting resilience to bullying. When kids have the wisdom for dealing with bullying on their own, no one can bully them and they don't need everyone around them to protect them. They grow in self-confidence, self-esteem, maturity and popularity. And bullying decreases in society.

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