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Photo of Kathleen Mills in Skye, VIC
Kathleen Mills
For reasons that I cannot explain, the more complex the clients needs, the more likely they are to find themselves on my doorstep. Commonly, I have clients tell me in their first session that 'they have many issues and no one else has ever been able to help them before' - this is generally an indication that we will build a lasting relationship. I am patient, very open-minded and laid back in my approach whilst still maintaining professionalism. If you fear therapy because of the overly clinical approach then you will find my way of forming a therapeutic alliance refreshing and endearing.
(03) 5909 9913 
Skye, VIC 3977
Offers online therapy
$100 Per Session
Photo of Sandy Curtayne, Counsellor in Skye, VIC
Sandy Curtayne
If there is one thing I have learned over the 15 years I have been in practice it is that one therapy, one intervention, one mode of help will not suit every client. Every client is different and even the ones that believe they are complex or believe they might not be able to be helped are really just seeking someone to collaborate with. That's what I do with clients - collaborate to help them find a better way to navigate life, a way to feel better, a way to cope better. My clients are not a 'one size fits all', I see each one as an individual. As a clinician I see them as a person, not a process.
(03) 5907 5979 
Skye, VIC 3977
Offers online therapy
$150 Per Session

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Online Counsellors
Online counselling is a good solution for people who do not have access to well-qualified clinical professionals in their area or who live remotely or abroad. We also refer to it as Teletherapy, online therapy or skype therapy: in short, it's simply conducting a clinical therapy session using a video or phone as the means of communicating.

It's an excellent solution for those who are immobile or find it more convenient to conduct therapy in the privacy of their own home. Or are agoraphobic (fearful of leaving their home), but still want counselling.

If you're looking for online counselling in Skye or for a Skye online therapist these professionals provide online therapy, skype therapy and video treatment.