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Photo of Tim Rose in Croydon South, VIC
Tim Rose
With over 20 years’ experience in the people helping field, including workplace critical incident; employee assistance program (EAP); 12-step recovery; peer education and support; and group facilitation. Tim is a caring and empathetic counsellor who journeys with people as they learn about themselves. Tim understands the many challenges life can bring and has significant lived experience over a range of issues including physiological trauma; depression; men’s issues; relationships; miscarriage and infant loss; sexuality; and childhood sexual abuse. Tim works with clients to help them identify and move toward their preferred life.
(03) 9069 9627 
Croydon South, VIC 3136
Offers online therapy
Photo of Lisa Ritchie, Psychologist in Croydon South, VIC
Lisa Ritchie
Psychologist, PsyBA General
Lisa is a psychologist who is warm, approachable and has worked with people facing all kinds of difficulties. Lisa enjoys assisting people who are at a baseline level of wellbeing to close the gap between where they are now and the life they really want. This may involve fostering self-compassion, dismantling a sneaky inner critic or exploring long-held family patterns contributing to people-pleasing and self sacrifice. Lisa assists people who are feeling 'blah' and 'meh' to move towards fulfilled and thriving. This occurs through reconnection to self, sometimes after years of conditioning and "shoulds" from others and society.
Croydon South, VIC 3136
Offers online therapy

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Cancer Counsellors
A diagnosis of cancer raises many issues both for those to whom it relates and the family and friends who surround them. If you are looking for help with cancer in Croydon South or for a Croydon South counsellor (cancer), these professionals provide cancer counselling, support for cancer patients and family cancer support. They can help with connections to Croydon South cancer support groups and, if there is one, a local cancer survivor network in Croydon South. The professionals include cancer counsellors in Croydon South, cancer psychologists and cancer therapists. Some of these counsellors may be cancer survivors themselves. The professionals work with children with cancer, cancer in adolescents or adolescents with cancer and cancer in teens or teens with cancer. They can help provide emotional support and guidance during the process of chemo or radiation.

Please feel free to contact these Croydon South cancer counsellors if you're a parent seeking help for a child with cancer, a kid with cancer or if your loved one or spouse has cancer.