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Kevin Dorst, Ph.D., is an assistant professor of philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh and a Junior Research Fellow at Magdalen College (Oxford). He received his Ph.D. in philosophy from MIT.

Dorst's research centers around a simple question: What should we think about how people think? Though it's often claimed that people's thinking is riddled with irrationality, this interpretation of the empirical results often relies on simple models of what rational people would think or do. His work aims to bring philosophically sophisticated models to bear on the interpretation of these empirical results in order to help assess how (ir)rational we truly are.

His current project focuses on polarization: What should we think about those who radically disagree with us? His work focuses on showing how much of this disagreement may be due to rational causes—and that, as a result, we can think those who disagree with us are wrong without thinking that they are irrational, biased, or dumb.

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