My son has inner speech from the time he wakes up till he goes to bed. This happened over a year ago after his psychiatrist started mixing meds. He also has to keep moving. He has a reaction to most antipsychotics and many he was on he should not of been because of this. I requested a gene drug metabolizer test after his reaction and he should of been on the lowest dose or another medication. He has a lot of stress and he is dealing with trauma from a car accident, he talk's about this and other stressful things that happened in his life all the time. He also talks about things I do not know if there true. The doctors said he is schizoaffective and just prescribe antipsychotics. Every antipsychotic medication makes him more hyper and he can not sit still and would be walking around the streets till 3am. He also blacked out from a snow mobile accident before all this happened. He had a MRI, he did not want the one with contrast, the Mri showed normal. This all started when he came home from living in another state and then went to see friends in another town for the weekend. A few days later he came home psychotic he was 30 yrs old at he time, I know he was drinking heavy and not sure of drugs. He was stable after being on 1 medication after a year and moved. He went out drinking heavy and not taking the medication and had a break. That is when the doctor started giving 2 antipsychotics and a mood stabilizer, and that started the talking. He ended up in the hospital for over a month and came out worse after they started more antipsychotics. This is when he would be up for almost 24 hrs, walking around. I tried to bring him to a therapist but with him talking to himself and being so involved they can't help. He is off all antipsychotics for about 3 months, he slowed down some (not staying up all night walking) but is still talking all the time and still walking because he needs to be moving. Can someone share there thoughts if they know what can help him. Thanks

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