Hi, I am someone who experiences inner monologue and dialogue almost constantly throughout my day. My train of thought/Stream of consciousness has always been this way, since I can remember. In the following order these are what I experience as inner consciousness and how often I experience them:

1.Talking to myself
I often have conversations in my head where the subject is I, we or you ("you" most often references myself in these conversations). An example is as follows "I wonder what I will eat for dinner today... I guess I'm craving pizza" or "You shouldn't leave for school without brushing your teeth first" these are all "said" in my head by an imaginary voice. The voice changes tone and pitch and even takes on accents (such as British accent or French accent, I am also a French speaker as a second language) the accent is relative to the inner conversation going on in my head. Ie might be a British accent when thinking/talking to myself about etiquette. Might be french accent when thinking/talking to myself about fine wine and cheese etc.

2. Visualizing Letters and Numbers
I have always had an affinity for math, and again as long as I can remember I have been able to see numbers, count, add, subtract, and perform other types of math equations in my head. As a matter of fact I start every day with a visual workout routine that involves seeing numbers and words + letters with my mind's eye. HOWEVER I do not see complete sentences in my mind UNLESS I consciously make the decision and effort to do so. Seeing full words is not hard, but visualizing everything that I say or that is said to me is challenging for my mind. I often notice I will only visualize key words of a sentence or conversation. Or I will visualize big words or people's full names as a memory aid.

3. Emotion
Some might call this sociopathic, but I frequently have days, weeks, months, or just a period in a day when I feel very numb and void of emotion, interestingly I find it easier to visualize during these times and often my internal chatter will be rampant, nonstop, and sometimes it feels out of my own control.

One other experience (not sure which category this fits under)... As a lifelong musician, and someone who listens to music every day, I often hear entire songs, parts of songs or just specific instruments or singing from a particular song in my head. I have even gotten as far as making music I've never heard before using different instruments in my head, with my imagination. For example I often imagine a unique created piece of Orchestral (Classical-type) music at night to occupy my mind while I fall asleep.

Hope this gives some insight into the way our minds are all different and beautiful in unique ways! :)

Also feel free to ask further questions if you have any as this topic is very interesting to me and I'm intregued by the way others think (especially when radically different than my own ways of thinking)

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