My dear Russell, inner speech does occur in every single human being and normally is negative inner speech, but when they are aware they're doing it, they can discipline their mind and turn it into positive inner speech which it is a powerful tool to attract all the goodness that life offers. Yes, just by controlling their inner speech. I don't mean to be disrespectful, but the studies you took on the subject are anything but scientific. Inner speech and mind are two gift that God gave to human being and that is what distinguishes us from the lower animals. The fact that the interviewed students said they didn't do inner talks is only because they are not aware of it. Very rare individuals have such a control of their minds that they might be able to silence their mind but a university student would not in a million years be able to possess such a control of his mind.
I just couldn't believe you are so confident in mentioning such a large percentage of individuals not doing inner speech and believing them. Baars and McWhorter seem to have a better understanding of the human mind. Mmmm, it makes me wonder about the content of the rest of your blogs.

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