I believe that most of the time it is helpful to me. My inner speech helps me organize what I do during the day. I live alone and spend almost the entire day alone. I am a writer and my inner speech helps me write and plan out each sentence as I write it. I believe this is one reason why I never have writer's block. I also am never bored and have no reason to own a TV nor do recreational drugs nor drink alcohol for a "high." The voice isn't another person, nor entity inside me. It's me. My parents told me that when I was a child I had imaginary playmates and a rather active and enjoyable playtime with them. I was their first. God bless my mom and dad who so wisely never interfered, and allowed me to enjoy my imagination as much as I needed to. I never questioned whether anyone else had inner speech until just now when I Googled it, nor knew the words for it. I am 58. I am wondering if having active inner speech might account for the fact that I seem to have a rather detailed and accurate memory of exact wording of conversations I've had in the past. I also recall precise emotional impressions of various scenes, and other details that most people tend to forget. I highly doubt my memory is "photographic" even though some people have told me it is.

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