I experience inner speech almost constantly, but as above, I never talk TO myself, I talk to an imaginary audience (a jury of sorts), or an imaginary friend, or a specific real friend (but in an imaginary conversation - I may never actually have the conversation with the real friend), depending on the topic.

Does anone actually talk TO themselves, or hear a voice talking TO them? Not me. It is more like I have a running commentary on life going on, and in difficult situations or times of difficult decisions, I explain, argue, defend, discuss them with an imaginary interlocutor.

Sometimes though it is just through images that I think first, then look for words to describe the inner movie I am seeing, and sometimes the words are inadequate.

I imagine this varies. People who lead more intellectual lives based on lots of reading, discussing ideas, debating, probably also have inner lives that are very verbal. People whose lives are more based on mundane, practical, physical concerns, probably think more with images and feelings, or even physical sensations. I find that easy to conceive of.

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