I agree completely. With those higher states I would add “realisation.” Most of the work on many different problems is done in the part of the brain or the mind that is not in the conscious. Chess professionals say the highest rated players in certain positions do not have to calculate they see the correct move. It is my contention that the top players actually do calculate the moves but they aren't aware of their calculations. The calculations are done unconsciously and the mind sends the correct move to the consciousness. Short time time controls force players to avoid conscious calculations and speed up the game. Making calculations conscious slows up the process just like showing all the calculations that a computer does on a screen. However conscious calculation makes error correction easier.

Consciousness is pristine by its very nature. If you think of consciousness as a chalkboard and the sensations in it are like chalk marks then sometimes the chalkboard needs washing. That is why people meditate but the consciousness itself is always clean.

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