Introspection is a skill that takes a long time to master. Most people do it casually and rarely know what is happening. Inner speech is being aware of one's information processing or thinking. If one is not aware of their thinking it can mean they simply can not report on their own conscious or all their thoughts are unconsciousness. It is easy to tell the difference. All you have to do is ask the person to describe the sensations that they have when they do a simple task like getting into a bathtub or cooking an egg. If they cannot describe their sensations they are not self aware. Inner speech can be visual when you look at face and see a face from your memory and compare the two. Thinking can be purely abstract. People do not speak words in their head all the time but they think they do because they only remember the words. When you move your arm must you say “I am moving my arm?” That is just silly. People know how to move their arm or their body and that movement starts with a thought. But those thoughts are not words. When people drive and control the movement of their car most of their thoughts are kinesthetic. The same thing is true of airline pilots. There is a program to teach airline pilots to say what they are going to do before they do it so they can avoid accidents. If they do not say it they can’t reflect on it because it is almost impossible to reflect on kinesthetic thoughts. Verbal thoughts allow is to question what we do because we know how to question what we say and so do others.

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