I started wondering about this a few years ago and actually started interviewing my friends and people around me trying to find out "the shape of their thoughts."

I do not have an inner monologue/ voice, unless I consciously "speak to myself" or spell out words or something similar. At one point I also noticed that I usually do not have to consciously analyze something (either that or I am not consciously aware of when I do so) and that the complete analysis/ my opinion as to a concept's accuracy or viability/ and other in-depth considerations of a given concept seems to spring from my subconscious, wholly formed, and made available to my conscious thoughts from some part of my mind I am not aware of.

The above, along with the difficulty I sometimes have in converting my nebulous thoughts into speech that can be effectively communicated to others, led me to wonder if perhaps I "thought" differently than other people and "the shape" that other people's thoughts take. For example, at times when I am attempting to convey a story or a concept to one or more people I will often get off-track explaining an underlying concept or back-story that is necessary to understand the context of my original point/ story.

Upon conducting my interviews and questions I did not get many satisfying answers, with most people not understanding what I was trying to ask them and others responding with wispy answers such as "the shape of my thoughts is blue."

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