For 14 years I had two dogs: a golden retriever, rated high for intelligence, and a basset hound, rated low for intelligence. I hadn't read any of your books then, but I always thought the basset was much smarter. The golden pretty much trained herself. She was house-trained by three months, for instance, and by 6 months would do anything we asked. The basset wasn't completely house-trained for two years, but she learned the same commands and tricks as the golden had done. The difference was that the golden would respond right away, and the basset might respond if she was so inclined. Her behavior was based on what was in it for her. If I was sitting on the couch with the golden, the basset would join us and gradually worm her way to be the one sitting next to me. If the golden was still chewing on a bone and she had already demolished hers, she would wait with apparent indifference until the golden was distracted then she would grab the bone.

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