Dear Dr. Joe,
Thank you for your question. We found in our research that intimacy and sex emerged as important elements successful romantic relationships for older adults. Older adults defined Intimacy and Sex as: ‘to have high regard for one’s partners sexual and intimacy needs'. Intimacy and sex was seen to be enhanced in their collective intelligence model by elements such as Honesty, Communication, and Respect. This finding is consistent with a body of literature which emphasises that older adults believe that sex and intimacy is important in later life, but only within the context of a close emotional relationship (Gott & Hinchliff, 2003). In addition, when compared with younger adults, older adults emphasised the importance of closeness and affection as an important aspect of their sexual relationship. The research that we are currently working on will aim to further understand the connection between closeness, intimacy and sex in older adult romantic relationships.
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