well, it is doubtful that he actually wrote his book.
they had ghostwriters back then, too. so these third-rate advices (and not even for ideological reasons, but artistic reasons) reflect thoughts of his ghostwriter probably

good thing that some people were able to emigrate after all and that they had proof they were harassed. many regimes were more covert, thinking East Germany

interesting thing is how previous history affects adoption of economic, political, cultural system - like differences in capitalism in scandinavian countries and the rest of the world

funny thing is that there are few people, communists and capitalists alike, who actually read Das Kapital they referred to, which is actually a great work that contributed largely to elimination of child labor in Western countries, establishing 40-hour work week, lending to suffragette movement, among other things, though yes, stamping out individual and surprisingly naive about human nature. though the language of the book requires economist, really, it is not light reading, some very boring parts, plus two lengthy volumes

Mar actually had in mind Germany and Western Europe for implementation of his ideas. he never thought that his ideas would take root in Russia, which he considered backward country, as he wrote in, again, a lengthy study (so much for collectivity mindset and denouncing individualism )