I only had her for 6 months her mother was a beautiful cream colored stray who adopted me and gave birth at out place. Miss Pootie was a tortie with an attitude to back it up she was the best cat I've ever had, I've had hundreds in my lifetime. We went and got groceries late one Sunday night, she was there when we left. After we got home her siblings were all there but not her, I knew something bad happened. My ex found her dead outside their cat house the next morning no clue what happened. This was in January 2020 my heart still hurts for her, my ex and I split up a few days later. Whenever I dream about her it's only for a split second, it's like I'm not allowed to dream of her. When I recognize her she will slip underneath a cabinet or a parked car looking sad, I never get to pet or even speak to her. I have very vivid colorful dreams so I don't understand why I'm not allowed to dream of her. Her passing hurt her siblings too, they looked for her daily until I moved out. They slept a lot more than usual. I miss her so much it seems anything that I love is always taken away immediately like I'm being punished.