As for what might be your direct question, sure, lots of people use deception to win someone's love, attention, or sex. It usually doesn't work out well in the long-term. A relationship based on deception is a relationship at risk. It's hard to keep up the deception because at some point, there isn't enough reward for it. A sexual relationship where one partner has sex as a "chore" to maintain the relationship isn't appealing to a lot of people. It's hard to fake truly enjoying sex, as it shows in lack of initiation, lack of creative fantasy and lots of things.

You seem to be suggesting that just going through the motions of sex is what it's all about. So you should realize that it's possible to deceive someone with little sexual experience, and that risks them learning more about what a vibrant sexual relationship is over time, and resenting you for deceiving them. A person who's had sexually enthusiastic partners in the past isn't likely to be fooled for long.

There's a situation that's somewhat like this when women fake orgasms, as many do, unfortunately, because they sometimes don't know how to have an orgasm, or are reluctant to instruct their man who is overconfident that he knows all about sex. And when some of these men find out their wives have been "faking it" for years, they can be extremely resentful about the lack of honesty, and think back to all the sex they had and how it didn't mean what he thought it did. In some cases, that discovery alone ends the relationship.

Or sometimes the spouse of a less-than-sexually enthusiastic partner finds out through an affair what it's like to be with someone who has lots of sustained sexual energy, a creative mind for fantasy and flirting, etc.