I should have quoted the statement from the post I was responding to so there was no misunderstanding the point I was trying to make. Here's what prompted me to make a comment:
"As asexuals are a minority, most romance-seeking asexuals will end up with an allo partner, as it's much rarer for two asexuals to meet and fall in love."

I tried to imagine how such a relationship would happen. If both parties entered into the relationship with full knowledge of the other person's sexual desires (or lack of desire) it might be fine. There would have to be accommodations made by one or both parties to make it work. The asexual person might agree to occasional sex to satisfy the needs of the other or the "allosexual" person might agree to abstain from sex for the duration of the relationship. Clearly, there are a host of things the couple could do to ensure both of them are being treated fairly.

My focus was on how the relationship would begin. Flirting and seduction has a sexual component to it. Would an asexual be able to convince a person with a conventional sex drive to enter into a romantic relationship with full knowledge that they didn't find them sexually attractive? That's why I speculated that an asexual person might use deception to get a person interested in them.