I took the surveys, but what do I with the scores? Without some way to make sense of the results, I'm just staring at a couple of numbers. I'm also interested how much weight the two results have to affect each other, stuff like: scoring 1 point on this survey neutralizes 2 point from that survey (so getting 1&2 is like getting 2&4), or if total points within or between surveys makes a difference (a point carries more weight when the survey total is higher - so if totals don't matter 1&2 = 2&4 = 2&6 {3 test takers all have the same bottom line beacuse they all had a net result of zero} but it totals DO matter then say, if 2&4 yield a net score of zero, 1&2 would yield less than zero while 3&6 would be greater than zero because points from the first survey carry more weight when the total is higher.
I got 2 on the ACE but zero on the PCE.. Since I'm a broken waste of a shell, my guess is that totals DO matter, so even getting 10 ACE and 1 PCE is better than getting 1 ACE and 0 PCE Perhaps it's more likely that I'm completely ignorant of how scores are evaluated and it makes no sense trying to do Algebra on emotions.