Julian — Many thanks for pointing out my flawed over-generalization in the "every parent" sentence. I agree with you. I've updated the first sentence of the second-to-last paragraph to read: "Of course, most parents intuitively know that it's important to reduce adverse childhood experiences."

Thank you for this constructive feedback,

PS: I did not have picture-perfect "fun and loving childhood." My PCE/ACE scores are an even 4–4 split. That said, I'm currently writing a follow-up to this post tentatively titled "7 Research-Based Reasons I Rose-Tint Some Childhood Memories," which will highlight recent research on the counter-intuitive benefits of "adaptive forgetting" (Bekinschtein et al., 2018), "the diversifying experience model" (Gocłowska, Damian & Mor, 2018), and five other studies.