No one is saying CO2 isn't increasing...that's objective and measurable.

No one is saying climate isn't always has long before the industrial revolution.

The debate is about the extent of human contribution and what to do about it. The debate is also about bad data and dire predictions not coming true. Posit a theory and observe...if observations do not support said theory, start all over, but don't ad hoc the theory with convenient explanations like "a pause".

Shutting down the world economy and giving control to the UN isn't going make a significant difference in prognosis and no one responsible debates that. It would also send hundreds of millions back into poverty and into death from some other cause.

Denial cuts both ways. Denial also means being in denial that the hockey stick predictions have not come to pass and that much of the data was fabricated or fudged. Magical thinking is also a primitive defense mechanism. This includes the idea that world government or psychiatrists on committees never heard of would make any difference.

For a more reasoned approach to this issue please listen to Jordan Peterson's podcast with Bjorn Lomborg as they discuss this constructively and not hysterically.

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